Modern Warfare 2 players beg for simple fix that would make camo grind much easier

Hamza Khalid
Modern Warfare 2 operators aiming weapons

Modern Warfare 2 players grind through different weapons in order to get their hands on Mastery camos, but a strange glitch is making it impossible to tell which ones they’ve unlocked.

With Modern Warfare 2 finally here, the Call of Duty community has the chance to check out all the new content featured in the title, including four Mastery camos that players are eager to get their hands on.

The game features Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion Mastery camos for your guns. Players claim that Modern Warfare 2’s approach to unlocking camo is too good to be true, but one frustrating glitch is causing problems.

Normally in Call of Duty titles, a logo and text will pop up on the screen to inform players that they have unlocked a new camo for their weapon. However, Reddit user ‘N1T3FALL1’ stated that this was missing when they got their hands on a camo Modern Warfare 2.

They asked other players in the subreddit: “Why don’t we get told when we unlock a camo anymore?” This question was accompanied by an image from Modern Warfare 2019 showcasing the image and text that would pop up after unlocking a camo.

Players in the thread described the camo unlock notification in other CoD titles as “satisfying.” However, its absence seems to be the result of a strange bug, as a few users reported that a badge does pop up on their screen, but it’s missing text.

According to one commenter: “It’s a bug for sure. Something pops up, but it’s missing the text and pictures, just a gold badge. With normal CoDs, these issues get ironed out by the end of Season 1 normally. Other issues might linger for longer, or even never get fixed depending on how much damage it does to fix it.”

byu/N1T3FALL from discussion

A few other players corroborated this, and one claimed that the badge “just sits at the side of the screen half visible for the whole game.” Many in the thread shared their own experience with this glitch.

One of the commenters explained: “I noticed a little trophy pops up every now and again, I checked a camo before a match and made sure to complete it, and the trophy showed up in-game. There was no text tho, it’s bugged all to hell.”

byu/N1T3FALL from discussion

Generally, when a game launches, there are a few bugs and issues that need to be patched up in future updates. Modern Warfare 2 is no exception, and players are hoping that the developers will address this soon.

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Image credits: Activision

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