Modern Warfare 2 player gets 53 years of Double XP with bizarre glitch

Modern Warfare 2 Operators

Earning Double XP in Modern Warfare 2 is a great way to quickly level up in the Call of Duty title, but a bizarre glitch popped up for one player, granting them over 50 years worth of Double XP.

When you hop into Modern Warfare 2, you’ll have the opportunity to progress and level up as you play, unlocking new weapons along the way. Grinding out different matches is a great way to level up fast.

If you want to speed up this process then Double XP Tokens can be useful. These are awarded through the Battle Pass and promotional rewards. However, one player received more Double XP Tokens than they expected.

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Reddit user ‘Bravo-Warpig’ experienced a strange glitch that they then shared in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit. After playing a match, they had been awarded what amounts to several years worth of Double XP.

The Redditor was stunned by this development, and their caption only stated: “Ummm what?” Many other players were surprised and amused by this as well, sharing their sarcastic responses in the comments of this thread.

One user jokingly stated: “Sony exclusive benefits are getting out of hand.” Another sarcastically explained that this is a “thank you” from the developers for purchasing everything in the store and Battle Pass.

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The Double XP that the Redditor was awarded amounts to approximately 53 years. Many users suggested that rather than questioning how this happened, the Redditor “might as well take advantage of it.”

It remains to be seen if the developers will respond to this glitch and take away the Double XP from the Redditor in Modern Warfare 2.

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Image credits: Activision