Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer modes leaked: Every new & returning mode

Gaz fighting in Modern Warfare scrapyard map

Modern Warfare 2 arrives on October 28, bringing both brand-new and classic game modes. While Infinity Ward has revealed a few modes already, datamining has reportedly revealed a ton more. Here’s every game mode set to arrive in Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward have revealed a ton of information about Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, but the multiplayer mode is still a mystery for the most part. They’ve revealed some of the modes, Field Upgrades, and the Gunsmith system, but most of the information has been through leaks and datamining.

Modern Warfare 2’s game files have reportedly appeared in Warzone Mobile, giving dataminer Reality access to images of the maps and files for the weapons, Killstreaks, and DMZ mode.

Here are the modes Infinity Ward have confirmed will appear in Modern Warfare 2, as well as everything discovered by Reality.

Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue mode

Modern Warfare Operators breaching door

Prisoner Rescue is a brand-new Modern Warfare 2 mode that’s similar to Rainbow Six Siege. Players are split into attacking and defending teams, where the attackers must rescue a hostage and extract them from the building.

Defenders have to stop the attackers from getting to the hostage, and there will also be breachable doors and walls similar to Siege.

Modern Warfare 2 Knockout mode

Modern Warfare players in gunfight mode

Knockout is another new mode coming to Modern Warfare 2 which combines elements of Gunfight and other game modes.

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Modern Warfare 2’s Knockout is a single-life game mode, where two teams of six battle it out to be the last team standing. However, there’s also an objective, where whoever holds the package when the timer runs out wins the round.

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Players can also revive each other similar to Warzone and Modern Warfare 2019’s Cyber Attack.

Modern Warfare 2 Gunfight mode

Gunfight Modern Warfare mode

Gunfight was a fan-favorite mode in both Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops Cold War, and it’ll arrive in Modern Warfare 2 post-launch.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gunfight, it’s a 2v2 single-life mode, where the objective is to kill the other team before the timer expires. Players will have the exact same weapons, usually changing every two rounds, and if the timer expires, whichever team captures the flag wins the round.

Modern Warfare 2 Ground War mode

Ground War mode in Modern Warfare

Ground War, the large-scale Battlefield-esque game mode returns in Modern Warfare 2, using Warzone 2’s POIs as the maps.

Ground War is essentially Domination on a huge scale, where the team that controls the most objectives wins. Dataminer Reality claims to have discovered ‘Ground War Bomb’ in the game files, so we’ll need to see what this mode could be.

Every leaked Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode

infected mode in call of duty modern warfare

Incredibly, Modern Warfare 2’s files were discovered inside Warzone Mobile, and leaker Reality has reportedly discovered a ton of the new and returning game modes, including the fan-favorite Infected.

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Here’s every Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode Reality found in Warzone Mobile’s game files:

  • Gunfight
  • Capture the Flag
  • Bounty
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Cranked
  • Cyber Attack
  • Demolition
  • Domination
  • Infected
  • Free for All
  • Hardpoint
  • Headquarters
  • Knockout
  • Search and Destroy
  • Ground War Bomb
  • All or Nothing

Just because these modes have appeared in the game files doesn’t guarantee they’ll actually make their way to Modern Warfare 2, and with the next CoD reportedly scheduled for 2024, some of them could arrive a year after launch.

Image Credit: Activision

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