Modern Warfare 2 expert claims TAQ-56 & Vaznev still dominate Ranked Play despite nerfs

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 vaznev-9k in firing range

Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded brought nerfs to the Vaznev-9k and TAQ-56, but according to expert TheXclusiveAce, these guns will continue to dominate.

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded update didn’t just introduce players to brand new Secondary weapons in the GS Magna and FTAC Siege, but it also brought hefty buffs and nerfs for the already-existing arsenal.

The update saw nerfs to two of the most popular weapons for Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play. The TAQ-56 and Vaznev-9k have been dominating the competitive mode ever since it was released, but these nerfs looked to damage that reputation.

In the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded update patch notes, both the TAQ-56 and Vaznev-9k received the same nerf, a decrease in their maximum damage range. 

Despite this decrease, a Modern Warfare 2 expert and content creator believes they could still top the pile when it comes to Ranked Play, so here’s why.

For the Vaznev-9k, its maximum damage range was reduced from 10.2 meters to 8.7 meters. While the nerf does reduce its three-shot kill potential and make it more level with the Lachmann Sub, TheXclusiveAce still believes it will come out on top when you look at “the attachments and how they play into competitive,” clearing feeling there will still be a meta build for the SMG.

The TAQ-56 also had its maximum damage range reduced from 28.2 meters to 24.8 meters, but according to TheXclusiveAce, this nerf will not stop it from being “the top AR for competitive play,” despite harming its three-shot kill potential.

Unfortunately, for those who’d like to see a new meta in Ranked Play, it doesn’t seem like the TAQ-56 and Vaznev-9k will be pushed out, but the Lachmann Sub is a good alternative in the SMG department.

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