Modern Warfare 2 devs respond to weapon camo challenges not tracking

Liam Mackay
Kastov-74u with Orion camo in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s Shipment map has arrived with Season 1 Reloaded and it’s the perfect place to grind weapon camos. However, the devs have responded to an issue causing camo progress not to track.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded arrived on December 14, bringing the game’s very first Raid, the Chimera Assault Rifle, a Double XP weekend, and the fan-favorite Shipment map.

Shipment’s fast-paced, chaotic nature allows players to quickly level up weapons and unlock the mastery camos such as Polyatomic and Orion. However, players are reporting that their camo challenges such as longshots and Killstreaks haven’t been tracking, and it’s not just a visual glitch either.

Luckily, Modern Warfare 2 devs Infinity Ward confirmed they’re aware of the issue and have a fix in the works.

It appears there are actually a couple of issues with weapon camos not tracking, as players are reporting both visual and game-breaking issues. Some have said that they can’t see their progress bars fill up after a match but it is actually tracking, awarding the camo even though it doesn’t show it.

However, others have seen much more game-breaking glitches where even though they’ve got “over 50 longshots and 20 3 kills [without dying],” the camo “still isn’t unlocking.”

Other players have reported that even though they have all of their Handguns Gold, the game states they’ve only got 4/5, stopping them from even attempting the Platinum challenges.

Infinity Ward posted an update to their Trello board on December 15, stating, “We’re aware of an issue impacting some users weapon camo progression in the Gunsmith.”

While they haven’t given a timeframe for when the issue will be fixed, they’ve marked the card as “Fix in progress” and said that “We’re investigating and will update here soon.”

In other news, Warzone 2’s devs have confirmed that both the Combat Record and leaderboards are still on the way but gave no timeframe.

Image Credit: Infinity Ward