Modern Warfare 2 devs make controversial change to Perk slot & players are fuming

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 Operators

It seems one of the Base Perks has moved to a different Perk slot and Modern Warfare 2 players are not happy with the decision.

Call of Duty fans got their first legitimate look at Modern Warfare 2 thanks to the campaign early access period that began on October 20. While some players were busy catching up with Price, Soap, and the rest of Task Force 141, others discovered a way to access the multiplayer Gunsmith and Firing Range.

This discovery allowed players a sneak peek at all of the weapons that will be available when Modern Warfare 2 launches on October 28. In addition to weapons, players were also able to access the Perk menu. It didn’t take long to notice a major change to the Perk slots that differed from the beta.

It seems the devs moved the Quick Fix Perk from the Base Perk slot to the Ultimate Perk slot. As you may know, Modern Warfare 2 will introduce a brand-new Perk system that allows players to equip four Perks.

The first two Base Perks will always be active, while the Bonus and Ultimate Perks will only activate later in a match via a progression system.

Quick Fix was a strong option as a Base Perk since it allowed immediate health regeneration for killing players or holding objectives. This Perk was a favorite for fast-paced players who looked to engage in gunfight after gunfight.

CoD fans took to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit to discuss the Perk change, and the majority of players were disappointed, calling it a “Big L.”

Players were upset with the fact that a well-liked Perk was moved to the Ultimate Perk slot, which requires the most progression to activate.

This has led players to hope that the devs change how quickly the progression system builds in Modern Warfare 2: “S**t change. Hopefully, they actually listened and make the Perk gain rate much faster than the ‘beta’.”

It seems the issue for players lies more with the functionality of the Modern Warfare 2 Perk system than the devs’ decision to move the Perk as one player claimed: “If it’s just in the third group as a traditional perk system that’s fine, but f**k this progressive perk system.”

The fear for most players is that restricting a Perk that favors fast-paced gameplay could ruin the flow of the game, as one user predicts, “Guarantee this leads to even more camping.”

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