DMZ patch notes for Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded: Koschei Complex area, NVGs, bug fixes, more

Ghost in Warzone 2 Season 3 ReloadedActivision

Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded is here bringing several changes to the popular DMZ mode, so here are the full patch notes including the new Koschei Complex area, Night Vision Goggles, bug fixes, and more.

The latest Call of Duty: Warzone 2 update, Season 3 Reloaded, has arrived. Not only has it brought new sidearms to unlock and level up alongside battle royale Ranked Play, but it’s also brought new content to the extraction-based DMZ mode.

Here are the full patch notes for the latest DMZ update in Warzone 2, bringing a new area to explore, NVGs to loot, and major bug fixes.

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Koschei Complex area & Building 21 fix

The new Koschei Complex area arrives in DMZ for Season 3 Reloaded, letting players explore an area underneath Al Mazrah with tougher foes and rewards to earn.

This area will also include the brand-new NVG (Night Vision Goggles) to loot and extract with. Plus, the issue preventing players who don’t own Modern Warfare 2 from accessing Building 21 has been fixed.

Warzone 2 DMZ operators in Koschei ComplexActivision
Explore the brand-new Koschei Complex area in Season 3 Reloaded.

DMZ Season 3 Reloaded update patch notes


  • The Koschei Complex New Exclusion Zone
    • Deploy to Al Mazrah and access one of four unique entrances to explore the dark secrets of this facility.
    • Look out for an incoming Intel Drop with a look a DMZ’s newest playspace.


  • NVGs
    • Gear up and go dark with night vision goggles…

  • Added a UI representation of your dog tag level, and whether or not you have it, to the Backpack UI
  • Added new guaranteed Buy Station and Workbench locations to the Black Market buildings in larger POIs
  • Adjusted enemy combatant spawns and their pathing throughout Al Mazrah 
  • Added XP Reward for extracting Weapon Cases beyond regular rewards
  • Gave the Armored Commander (Al Mazrah) a chance to carry the Weapon Case
  • Removed the ability to execute The Bombmaker and Pyro Commanders
  • Added an Overlord voice callout for large squads for all Players: squads larger than 3 Players (assimilation) will now alert other enemies in the area
  • Solos and the last Player eliminated on a squad now have time to “Plea for Help” before being eliminated!
  • Updated out of game UI for the Secure Backpack to match what you see in the Backpack in-game
  • Added a section in the DMZ Challenges menu to track the Koschei Complex challenges


  • Fixed an issue preventing Players from entering Building 21 if they didn’t have the Multiplayer DLC pack installed
  • Fixed an issue causing the train safe to not have bullet or equipment collision.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Players to die to the out of bounds trigger after exfilling on the Heavy Chopper
  • Fixed an issue where, on rare occasions, the Radiation Blocker animation would make it impossible to use anything after it ends 
  • Fixed an issue where pinging the Dog Tag of a disconnected Player triggers an incorrect voice line 
  • Fixed an issue where placement of first aid kit loot containers would cause the door to clip into the wall when fully opened
  • Fixed an issue where a helicopter AI reinforcement drop point was directly on top of an Exfil helicopter position in Quarry
  • Fixed an issue where the Mission timer sometimes would not disappear as intended 
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect teammate progress would be shown in the Squad Mission Progress tab when a Mission has been completed 
  • Fixed an issue where fast draw pistols were not working correctly in DMZ
  • Fixed an issue where AI controlled turrets continued to fire for a brief amount of time after they were destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where the Helicopter Commander was unable to target Players manning vehicle turrets correctly
  • Fixed an issue where personal Exfils would occasionally use an existing active Exfil
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Players to duplicate the Revive Pistol
  • Fixed a bug preventing AI-controlled Sentry Turrets to be affected by DDoS

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