Classic CoD feature still missing from Modern Warfare 2 despite appearing in beta

Andrew Highton
cod mw2 operators huddled together in squad

Some Modern Warfare 2 features have been missing at release, but one, in particular, has been a notable absentee and might not be added to the game at all.

Missing features has been a reoccurring discussion since Modern Warfare 2 went live, with players most noticeably bemoaning a lack of complete stats, the absence of one of the game’s beta maps, and even some resentment towards the purported “lack of content” coming to Season 1.

Now, Modern Warfare 2 players are calling on Activision to restore a simple but useful feature that actually appeared in the MW2 beta, but is now mysteriously missing in the full release of the game.

You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, and that appears to be the case with the in-game indicator that would let players know how many kills in a row they’ve obtained.

A Modern Warfare 2 Reddit post recently picked up on the fact that this prompt had seemingly disappeared, despite its presence in the beta.

“IW, pleaseeee bring this back! It was in the beta, why didn’t it get into the main game? there’s literally no reason to remove it,” said one exasperated player, whereas the OP said: “It’s always been super helpful in previous games for tracking your streaks.”

For fans with Killstreak instead of Scorestreaks in MW2, especially those chasing the all-powerful MGB Tactical Nuke, this nifty little stat that would pop up after every subsequent kill was a useful reminder of how a player was doing.

But just like the Combat Record arriving in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2’s joint Season 1 content, there’s a feeling this feature will make a comeback too.

“Don’t worry it will come back in season 1 when the full game releases,” one player offered, but it could very well end up being the case.

We’ll have to wait and see if this handy feature returns in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, as well as Warzone 2 Season 1. In the meantime, check out how the game’s new prestige system works.

Image Credit: Activision