New EMP scorestreak coming in CoD Mobile Season 13 Winter War

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Call of Duty players on mobile will not have to wait much longer for their next fix as Season 13 is almost here. To keep the anticipation bubbling, a new EMP scorestreak has been announced for CoD Mobile and it could be a game-changer.

The popularity of CoD mobile is unwavering and it means that more exciting content is needed to satisfy the thirst of handheld Call of Duty fans.

Season 13’s “Winter War” is approaching and similar to Season 1 of BOCW/Warzone, the new update will introduce lots of content. A hot addition, announced by Activision, is going to be the inclusion of an EMP scorestreak that can eliminate all enemy, electrical devices.

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EMP Scorestreak in COD Mobile

It’s not the first time an EMP device has been seen in a Call of Duty game before, but it still doesn’t lessen the impact the scorestreak could have. Once triggered, the EMP device will single-handedly knock out all scorestreaks, dot sights, and anything else that requires electricity to operate.

Even if you’ve spent the whole game working hard to earn a VTOL, one EMP will wipe it out in an instant. But players worried about the impact the EMP could have on the game shouldn’t worry as it will take a considerable effort to unlock.

The EMP Scorestreak will require a huge total of 1300 points to unlock, meaning it’s now the third-hardest to get. So they won’t be used frequently, and people may still opt to save for a VTOL anyway.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s official Twitter page showed off the incoming device, showing off its capabilities. The video shows an XS1 Goliath, Shield Turret, Stealth Chopper, and even a VTOL all being destroyed in a split-second, thanks to the EMP Scorestreak.

It will be arriving in the new Season 13 update along with the new Peacekeeper MK2 and QXR weapons and much more.

CoD Mobile Season 13 starts on December 22.

Image Credits: Activision

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