Dr Disrespect reveals one thing he’d add to Warzone from CoD Mobile

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Certain features in CoD: Mobile’s battle royale game are winning Dr Disrespect over, and he feels that Warzone could learn a thing or two from it.

Season 3 of Warzone has featured ups and downs that we described as “a huge step in the right direction” in our Season 3 review, but could still do with improvements. Arguably the game’s best-ever meta, awesome in-game events, and the hopeful removal of Big Berthas have all contributed to a solid season so far.

But it’s also had several problems such as more glitches, more hacking, and visual issues. Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, AKA Dr Disrespect, has a similar back and forth relationship with Warzone, but has recently started playing CoD: Mobile to change things up.

He’s really been enjoying the different experience, and in one of his most recent streams, he disccused some of the differences that makes CoD: Mobile’s battle royale gameplay standout from Warzone.

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“Look at this area, it feels much different. See, they do a good job with the design of this map and making it feel different everywhere you go.” Dr Disrespect said with regards to the battle royale map he was playing.

After his game had finished, he would go onto discuss his thoughts on CoD: Mobile and describe the ways in which it betters Warzone: “I gotta be honest man, for a mobile game, that’s a lot of fun. It just makes me wish we had more things happening (in Warzone).”

Dr Disrespect also said, “Obviously on PC and console, it’s a little bit more serious tone, you don’t want to oversaturate it.” This is presumably in reference to the throwable toys and K9 Attack Dogs that help CoD: Mobile feel unique.

He concludes by saying, “But in terms of content and actual map design and mobility and the way the looting system is in mobile, I enjoy all of it man.”

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Dr Disrespect raises plenty of valid points as Warzone’s tone, outside of the odd special event or holiday-themed occasion, does take itself a lot more seriously.

Depending on his enjoyment, we could easily see the popular streamer favoring CoD: Mobile Season 4 a lot more over Warzone Season 4 if solos don’t improve and Warzone doesn’t get the overhaul he’s looking for.

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