Among Us-style game mode leaked for CoD Mobile

Hamza Khalid
Among Us in COD Mobile

Some new footage from the Chinese version of Call of Duty: Mobile has revealed an upcoming mode that appears to be based on the multiplayer game Among Us.

Among Us reached new heights in terms of its popularity during 2020. Wherever you looked, people were posting clips, discussing the game, and sharing memes about it. It seems that Activision is taking inspiration from it for a brand new game mode in CoD Mobile.

Some early footage from the Chinese version of the game has popped up, and it has revealed the new ‘Werewolf’ playlist. The upcoming game mode revolves around 12 players, and has many similarities to Among Us.

Meltdown in Call of Duty Mobile

Meltdown is the first map that players will battle in when trying out this new mode. 12 of them will be loaded into the match at the very center of the area. After a short countdown, you will have to start collecting loot across the map.

There are a ton of weapons, items, and materials that you can find while exploring the map in-between rounds. You’ll need to use these resources to complete tasks while trying to avoid getting killed, just like in Among Us.

The available weapons have very limited ammo, as you’ll only get five rounds in pistols and one shell in the shotgun. If you’re feeling daring, then you can try getting up close to your target and eliminating them with a melee weapon.

You will then rendezvous with the other players at the center of the map to discuss the round. When everyone meets at the spawn point, you’ll have a short amount of time to either prove your innocence or direct suspicion towards another player.

At the end of this brief window, everyone will vote to kick one player out of the lobby. If the guilty party is able to prevent players from completing their tasks, while keeping suspicion away from themselves, they will win the match.

So far, this game mode seems to only be available in the Chinese version of CoD Mobile. With Season 2 expected to kick-off on March 11, we might hear news of a global release in a short while.

Image Credits: Activision / Innersloth

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