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Call of Duty: Mobile

New killstreak and Operator skill coming to CoD Mobile

Activision is set to bolster CoD Mobile by giving players access to a new Operator skill and even a deadly new killstreak to use soon.



cod mobile operator scorestreak

The latest CoD Mobile beta has launched and it contains a new Napalm killstreak and Bull Charge Operator skill that will likely be heading to the full game.

CoD Mobile is always releasing limited-time betas to test out potential new content for its upcoming seasons. After the recent soft reboot of its numbered seasons with Season 1, CoD Mobile is already looking to become the most complete Call of Duty game imaginable.

As with all games that operate on a season-by-season basis, CoD Mobile is eyeing up the future and towards Season 2 of the free-to-play mobile game.

cod mobile squad team

The latest beta for CoD Mobile is already allowing players to try out new goodies to hopefully be welcomed later on. After recent testing, we already know that the game will be adding to its roster of maps with Modern Warfare 2019’s Shoot House.

Well, it seems that the game doesn’t possess enough firepower as the beta is testing out some dangerous new devices.

New CoD Mobile Operator skill

First up is a new Operator skill called Bull Charge, and this is basically a full-body shield that protects the user from enemy fire. On the other hand, it also offers offensive capabilities too as the Bull Charge can batter opponents.

A word of caution, however, as the shield only protects the front, meaning you’re susceptible to attacks from behind.

cod mobile bull charge shield operator skill

New CoD Mobile new killstreak

The EMP scorestreak is one of CoD Mobile’s newer rewards that incentivizes the player to earn a huge sum of points, and it now seems like it’s going to be joined by a new streak in Season 2.

The Napalm scorestreak is currently being tested in the game’s latest beta, and it seems to work in a similar fashion to the Napalm scorestreak seen in Black Ops Cold War. Once triggered, a plane will jettison a large amount of Napalm onto a targeted area, burning, and killing, anyone caught in the flames.

cod mobile napalm scorestreak

We fully expect to see these new items introduced when CoD Mobile begins its second season, so stay tuned for more updates and developments on the game.

Image credits: Activision