Pro Player Nadeshot says he might retire from Competitive CoD after 2014 season

Keshav Bhat

Well known pro player Nadeshot posted on the OpTicGaming SubReddit a lengthy post addresses a lot of the rude remarks and comments he’s been getting recently. Some people have been claiming that he hasn’t been dedicated to playing anymore, however he’s one of the people responsible for brining competitive CoD to where it is today. He’s one of the most dedicated and well known Call of Duty players, who has been streaming every day for hours.

In the reddit post he has stated that he plans to retire from competitive Call of Duty after the 2014 season.

Here’s his full statement:

Over the last couple days, I’ve been bewildered by the things I have read on this sub reddit. This used to be the most visited link on my google chrome, but that is quickly changing because it’s not even enjoyable to read anymore. It honestly seems like there are so many misguided views about our team, and I just couldn’t listen to it without making a post.
Just because Scump, Proof, and Clayster are on playing gamebattles matches at 3 in the afternoon doesn’t mean I can be on to scrim. They have their own workloads, schedules, and daily routines and I have mine. Our team has been getting on at 6 est ever since Clayster joined the team in January, but now that you see them streaming early, it’s a gigantic witch hunt that Nadeshot doesn’t wanna play anymore. Guys, I’m 21 years old. I have a full time job. I have been making improvements in all aspects of my life, not just Call of Duty.
I have not missed one league match, not one 2K/5K, and maybe only 1-2 days of practice. But for whatever reason, everyone forgets the fact that Clayster has missed 10 days of practice/matches in the last 3 weeks. That’s 21 days guys, almost 50%. But, you see him playing GBs for 2 days, and you hear him saying “We need to scrim more.” and start pointing fingers because I’m not on at the time. Now, my goal here is not to throw Clay under the bus, because I don’t have any issues with the days that he missed, but I needed to use it as an example so that the witch hunt on this sub reddit can stop.
The other day when we were getting hit offline in our league matches, I said that we should just get off and reschedule because I didn’t want my team to play after everyone was continually getting hit offline. As you know, a lot of time in between maps can make your shot cold and decision making slow. I didn’t want to jeopardize a match because we weren’t warm anymore. That obviously paid off because we won our re-scheduled matches last night.
Honestly, this list can go on and on. Usually small comments and threads don’t bother me but I’ve just seen too many not to say anything. As much as I love my fans, it’s very frustrating for me to know things that a lot of you don’t. You don’t see this team offline, off streams, and away from tournaments so please stop acting as you know everything that is necessary to “fix” this team.
I know this whole post is going to sound very blunt and straight forward, but that is just how it has to be. It just seems that this whole community has a mob mentality. Also, for everyone that says I need to give up my spot as captain…don’t worry. 2014 will probably be my last year competing. I’m tired of trying to please everyone, prove everyone wrong, and stress out 24/7.

SOURCE: Reddit

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