MLG announces Advanced Warfare Pro League schedule, World Championship to feature $250,000 prize pool

Keshav Bhat

MLG has announced the next two Seasons for the Advanced Warfare Pro League Schedule and plans for their upcoming World Championships. 

Here’s the schedule for Advanced Warfare Pro League:

  • Season 2 runs from March 10th – May 22nd
  • Season 2 Championship will run from June 5th – 7th
  • Season 3 Relegation Tournament – June 19th – 21st
  • Season 3 runs from June 29th – September 4th
  • Season 3 Championship will be held in September, Dates TBD
  • World Championship will be held on October 16-18

Season 2 will start on Tues., March 10th at 7PM ET. More details on the schedule will be announced very soon. 

In addition, MLG has revealed that the World Championship, which takes place Oct 16-18th, will feature a $250,000 prize pool. The World Chmapionship will take place in a large venue in the U.S.; an exact location has not been announced of now. The championship will feature open bracket play, which will lead into the championship pool.

Overall, MLG will handout over $600,000 through the course of the next two seasons and championships. 

All of the matches, tournaments, and more will be live streamed on

More detailed information is available here.