What’s the best LMG in Cold War Season 2? Every gun ranked & tier list

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cod cold war lmgs

Season 2 of CoD: Black Ops Cold War has some awesome Light Machine Guns, so here’s a complete tier list and a full ranking of the LMGs from worst to best.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you needed an endless stream of bullets for your gun to churn out? Well, if you use an LMG, then you will never have that problem as this weapon class is designed to keep you going for as long as you need.

An often-overlooked factor with LMGs is the fact they also possess some unbeatable damage. A solid fire rate combined with a huge clip and decent accuracy makes for a more-than-worthy gun. Cold War has a couple of weapons that CoD players should stop sleeping on and definitely try out.

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CoD: Black Ops Cold War: weapon tier list

We’re going to take a moment to assign each of Cold War’s LMGs an official tier before we place them in order. The list may be light, but these machine guns are worth it.

Here is our official tier list of all of Black Ops Cold War’s LMGs in alphabetical order:

  • S-Tier: Stoner 63
  • A-Tier: RPD
  • B-Tier: 
  • C-Tier: M60

Just to explain the system, our S-Tier weapons are the top-of-the-line powerhouses, the A-Tier are great, the B-Tier weapons are just missing something, and C-Tier ones are not worth your time.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War best Light Machine Guns

3. M60

cod cold war m60

Of the three different LMGs that Black Ops Cold, there is sadly an outstanding candidate for the weakest weapon in the game – the M60.

Its fire rate is relatively slow compared to almost anything and its recoil is bouncier than a trampoline. It may benefit from AI content such as the campaign or Zombies, but players put themselves at a disadvantage if they use the M60 in competitive multiplayer.

2. RPD

cod cold war rpd

Whereas the RPD manages to make its recoil far more manageable and adds an extra buffer in that its damage-per-second is phenomenal.

Its accuracy can still skew slightly even with some attachments added on for good measure, but overall, the RPD is a solid killing-machine.

1. Stoner 63

stoner 63 lmg in cod cold war

We know this is supposed to be a list ranking the best LMGs in the game, but the Stoner 63 could conceivably be mistaken for a laser.

You slap the right attachments on it and it’s an incredible weapon to use. It may have a bit less firepower than the RPD, but that’s because it makes up for it with improved ADS and supreme accuracy. The Stoner 63 is the kind of weapon that can be used for all occasions.

That completes our list. These are the best LMGs ranked in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Be sure to check out the best guns in Cold War and the best guns in Warzone too!

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