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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best M60 class in Black Ops Cold War

You’ll turn into a walking sentry gun.



Here’s the best M60 light machine gun class setup for use in Black Ops Cold War.

The M60 is ironically, the heaviest light machine gun in Black Ops Cold War. Its slow fire rate and heavy weight compensate for its destructive and high power rounds that tear through walls like paper. It has a fair balance to its aim down sight speed for being such a powerful LMG, and works best while you’re crouching or in prone.

We recommend using this weapon in combined arms modes and playing more passive-aggressive.

For the loadout, YouTuber “LoneWolfXP” tells us the best attachments and gives us some tips as well. (Video Below)

The Setup

Note, this is a full 8 attachment setup, which means the gunfighter wildcard is required.

  • Optic: Hawksmoor – Reflex sight with a slight magnification in a rectangle optic. Provides high precision at medium ranges.
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor – Immune to radar detection while firing. A must-have when playing with such a heavy and slow weapon.
  • Barrel: 22.8″ Task Force – Huge boost to effective damage range, bullet velocity and damage overall. Reduces max starting ammo and ammo capacity slightly.
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip – More control for horizontal and vertical recoil control to make sure all your shots hit at longer ranges.
  • Magazine: Fast Mag – Faster reloads are necessary on a weapon that’s this slow. Provides a 30% boost on reload speed to the base reload time.
  • Handle: Serpent Wrap – 25% boost to aim down sight time, great for aggressive players.
  • Stock: Raider Stock – Increased sprint to fire time and aim walking movement speed. Gives you a huge boost when you need it.

Tips for the field

  • Walking Sentry Gun – Essentially, when using this gun, you’ll be a mobile sentry gun. You have high power rounds and decent strafe speed. Enemies will fear you.
  • Don’t get caught with your sights down – This beast has a very long aim down sight time. You’ll want to strafe around corners. If your enemy has their sights up before you, you’ve already lost.
  • This is MY window! – Hold a rooftop, window or any height based power position on any map to dominate unsuspecting enemies.
  • 10v10 beast – Since you have plenty of ammo to go around, the M60 is great for the combined arms mode. Sit on a flag in a defensive position and watch the kills come in nice and easy.