Unannounced Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Content Revealed

Nicholas Sakadelis

In a developer interview, some new information was revealed by Treyarch regarding Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War is approaching. In a developer interview hosted by Treyarch, we got lots of behind the scenes looks at updates for Warzone, Zombies, Multiplayer, and Fireteam.

Here’s the rundown.


For Warzone, we’re heading into Rebirth Island. Many players have labeled this as a mere “Alcatraz” remake from Blackout, but they’re wrong.

Instead, Rebirth Island will focus on answering an important part of Black Ops Lore, bringing us to a massive Nova 6 factory (In addition to the prison).

We’ll be able to travel around the island, looting houses and fighting in open fields. At the center of the island lays the Prison Block, where close-quarters combat will be at every corner. Battles will be tense, and action will start fast, so get looted up as fast as possible.

Revamped Gulags

The Rebirth Island Gulag will be unique compared to Verdansk. In this gulag, you’ll be strapped to a chair and will have to break free to enter a tense 1v1 combat arena. Winners get back into the game, while losers are eliminated.

In addition to this, Verdansk will also see it’s Gulag showers replaced with a makeshift version of Nuketown. The backyard areas will be cut off, and the buildings will be closed. All combat will take place in the center of the map, by the vehicles.

New Scorestreak

For the first time in Call of Duty history, a scorestreak has been added into the game as DLC. We will see the return of the fan-favorite Blackbird/Orbital VSAT, now known as the H.A.R.P. This High-Altitude Reconnaissance Plane will show both enemy position and direction on the mini-map for 6,000 score.

It can be blown down via launcher, however that is the only way to take it out of play.

New Fireteam Dirty Bomb Modes

Fireteam Dirty Bomb will receive 2 new modes in Season 1. The first of which will be a duos version of the Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode. To compensate for the smaller squads, the player count will be reduced to 20 players instead of the standard 40.

Additionally, Fireteam Dirty Bomb will get a new mode called Endurance. In this mode, after a bomb is detonated – another will respawn. There will always be 5 bombs active on the map at once, causing players to constantly fight across the map for control of the bomb sites.


For Zombies, players will get a Holiday themed Die Maschine map revamp. In this mode, the mystery box will not spawn – but Zombies will drop presents with equipment, weapons, and even coal for players. You will also have snowballs at your disposal to freeze zombies, among other surprises (like the cranked game mode).

To read more about Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War, you can click here. You can also watch the full Treyarch developer interview below.