Treyarch respond to hilarious Cold War Air Patrol Scorestreak glitch

Andrew Highton
cod cold war air patrol armada

The Air Patrol Scorestreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is getting a bit too close to the action, and Treyarch dev FoxhoundFPS has issued a reply to the incredible Scorestreak glitch.

Call of Duty’s Air Patrol Scorestreak is often disregarded in favor of other more attacking Scorestreaks. Yet, they can single-handedly bring down VTOLs, Chopper Gunners, and Gunships in the blink of an eye.

For some reason, Season 3 of CoD: Cold War has caused its Scorestreaks to behave a bit irrationally. First gamers were complaining about the Napalm Strike Scorestreak misfiring by some distance, now Air Patrols are taking ‘Danger Close’ a bit too literally.

cod cold war air patrol scorestreak

It’s hard to truly capture the incredible scene that Deadward_Riptofen was greeted by during their game of Hardpoint on Cold War’s Armada map.

The footage was posted as usual to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit and showed the player sprinting towards the contested Hardpoint, only to encounter a rather low-flying plane.

It turns out that one of the Air Patrol planes that had been called in tried to go above and beyond what was asked of it.

Instead of flying over the ship and taking care of any problematic Scorestreaks in the area, the plane flew completely on the deck, passing through numerous obstacles as though they weren’t there.

It’s a very amusing clip and even caught the eye of regular Cold War Reddit moderator, Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres.

He said, “Danger. Close. I’ll let our team know about this.”

Along with the aforementioned Napalm Scorestreak bug, we presume that Air Patrol planes will be back to prowling the skies in no time.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch