Treyarch dev confirms fix for invisible Zombies glitch coming soon

Liam Mackay
Cold War player running from Zombies in onslaught

Treyarch have announced a ton of new content for Black Ops Cold War which will include a fix for a frustrating bug that turns Zombies completely invisible.

Black Ops Cold War was chock-full of Zombies content by the end of its lifecycle and is set to receive even more, including a new weapon, the Outbreak Collapse LTM, a new easter egg, and Onslaught updates.

Onslaught, previously a PlayStation-exclusive mode, is a waved-based Zombies mode taking place on multiplayer maps. Even after it was made available to everyone with Vanguard’s release, an invisible Zombies glitch was ruining it for many. The issue wasn’t mentioned in Treyarch’s April 14 blog post but a dev confirmed a fix is on the way.

onslaught mode in cold war zombies

Onslaught’s invisible Zombie glitch is as bad as it sounds. One invisible Zombie will be left over after all the other Zombies are dead, and will be capable of taking you down if you stand still for too long or get caught out.

The bug has been around since the game was released, and players have been begging for a fix. While it didn’t arrive during Cold War’s seasons, players will soon be able to play without worrying about getting stealth attacked by an invisible Zombie.

A Cold War Zombies fan asked Treyarch’s Associate Design Director Kevin Drew if they have any updates for Onslaught’s invisible Zombies bug. Another dev, Andrew Hoyt, replied, confirming: “This update should have the fix for onslaught.” The update should arrive alongside April 27’s Season 3, but he also asked players to let them know if it isn’t fixed.

This won’t be the only Onslaught change, as the devs confirmed they’re introducing several LTMs for the mode. Onslaught Mystery Munitions arrives first, giving players random weapons after each Surge. Onslaught Accelerated, Onslaught Diminishing Light, and Onslaught Elite arrive later, each bringing a Weapon Blueprint challenge to complete.

Vanguard Zombies will also finally recieve a round-based map, starting with a Shi No Numa reimagining in Season 4.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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