Report: Call of Duty 2020 still planned to launch this fall, not a Black Ops reboot – Update

Keshav Bhat

Update 2: Schreier has posted another tweet now saying the game might be part of the Black Ops world/connected to it, but not a reboot. He has also said that the name he has heard internally is “Call of Duty: Vietnam.”

Update: Jason Schreier has responded to a few more readers on Twitter providing just some additional context on the 2020 Call of Duty game.

Schreier says the 2020 game is ‘not a Black Ops reboot,’ despite some rumors from TGR and other sources saying it was.

He says in a follow-up tweet that he does believe the game is set in Cold War/Vietnam era, which lines up with what we’ve heard about the new game too.

Original Story:

Former Kotaku reporter (now on his way to Bloomberg News), Jason Schreier, posted an article today in the New York Times discussing the overall gaming industry and how there’s both a positive and negative aspect to the COVID-19 situation impacting the industry.

In the article, he noted that some developers are experiencing troubles adapting to the work from home lifestyle and finishing up major game launches. Many aspects of game development had to be re-done and re-thought for the remote work, including development testing. Some aspects are on hold all together like motion captures, voice recordings, and other aspects.

As part of the article, Schreier noted that this fall could still see the release major new games, including Call of Duty and EA Madden Titles.

Now on Twitter, he has stated that the 2020 Call of Duty game is currently still planned to launch this fall, but that could change as situations evolve over the coming months.

Schreier broke the story back in May 2019 that 2020 Call of Duty game plans shifted, with Activision putting Treyarch in charge with Sledgehammer and Raven supporting the game development.

Activision has still yet to even confirm this news, with the company opting to not mention the development studios during their February earnings call.