How to Prestige in Black Ops Cold War

Nicholas Sakadelis

The staple prestige system from Call of Duty returns in Black Ops Cold War, but it does have a new element of Seasonal based ranking to it. Here’s how you can prestige and how it works.

After playing through the base 55 Military Ranks in Cold War, you’ll have access to the prestige ranks, and become season prestige rank 1. From here, you’ll automatically enter into the prestige system and your rank will be shown as Prestige 1, level 1 without you losing any weapons or progress like traditional prestiges worked.

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On top of this, you’ll get a prestige key that can be used in the prestige shop. Unfortunately, at launch the prestige shop is not live, so you’ll have to wait for Black Ops Cold War season 1 to drop on December 10th.

Once you enter prestige mode, you’ll be put into the seasonal prestige system. You will notice your rank will be level 1 and every 50 levels you will enter an additional prestige, with the max currently being at prestige 3.

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Season levels will reset every season (back to 1) but you will retain your actual prestige level. For example, if you’re level 100 prestige 3 at the end of this season, you’ll be level 1 prestige 3 with the added ability to prestige more times in season one.

Additionally, when you hit level cap this season (3rd prestige) you can also continue to earn XP up to level 1000. You’ll still be reset the following season, but you’ll get milestone rewards instead of prestiges every 50 levels.

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Once you hit max season rank, you’ll become prestige master for the season and will be able to swap around your prestige icon.

The real excitement starts Season 1 though, when additional prestiges are added as well as the prestige key shop.