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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to level up weapons fast in Black Ops Cold War

Leveling up your weapons takes a while in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Here is how to do it faster.



It takes a long while and a lot of work to level up your weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Unlocking new attachments and camos can take a while as well. Here is what you should do to speed things up.

The progression system in Black Ops Cold War is much more challenging than it was in previous games. Naturally this hasn’t sat well with fans who want to be rewarded for their work much more quickly and leveling up weapons also falls under this slow system.

Every kill leads to an XP boost and eventually you will reach a certain level that unlocks a new attachment. This will alter your weapon’s ability and could greatly help improve your chances in combat. Getting your guns up the level required for certain attachments and camos can take ages.

For this reason, we’ve prepared some tasks you can do to move things along. Here is how to level up your weapons fast.

Leveling up weapons leads to new attachments being unlocked.

Pick the best game modes

The most straightforward method of getting your Weapon level up is to kill people with that gun. So if you want to raise that weapon’s XP really quickly then you will need to select the right game mode. There are many to choose from but you should focus on the ones that allow for the most frequent kills.

Combined Arms Mode is the most obvious candidate. This 12 vs 12 multiplayer match has the highest number of players running around the field. If you’ve got the skill then this makes for easy pickings. Just run around and gun down who ever you can spot.

The hectic nature of this mode makes it so that you will be getting more opportunities for kills than any other time.The Combined Arms: Domination mode is a particularly good choice since your foes will be around fixed objective points. You know where to find them now go show them who’s boss.

Combined Arms Mode is a 12 vs 12 mode that will speed up your XP farming greatly.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb is also a great alternative to the above mentioned mode.This one has 10 fire teams face off against each other in a race to get some Uranium into multiple dirty bombs. Work with your team to kill enemies while attempting to reach the score limit first.

You don’t necessarily have to engage in these big chaotic game modes if they’re not to your liking. Domination, Hardpoint, Control, and Hardcore are also very useful for raising XP exponentially. The last actually drops everyone’s health to the point that you can land easier kills. However, this has the drawback of lowering your health too so watch your back.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb will test how fast you get kills with a team.

Double Weapon XP promos

The rate at which your weapons level up increases greatly if you happen to have a Double Weapon XP promo. These lead to quicker progression so keep an eye out for them when Treyarch and Activision decide to release them.

PlayStation Party Boost

If you own a PS5 then you will benefit from this little gift from Sony. The PlayStation Party Boost will give all players in a single party 25% bonus weapon XP. It doesn’t matter if not everyone is playing on the same console since the Party Boost works in cross-platform too, but the bonus will only go to the one with the PlayStation.

Kill Some Zombies

This game mode replaces the element of other players with brain-dead zombies. Which is actually an improvement since this allows you more room to breathe and get kills in a (slightly) less chaotic setting. You will get frequent kills that will contribute to your overall XP gain.

There are also rumors of an exploit in this mode that players in the COD community make use of in order to enter a sort of “god mode.” This will lead to you farming an insane amount of XP in a small amount of time.

Zombies mode is a staple of the COD franchise and a great way to earn XP.

Don’t Forget Your Launchers

If you also want to level up your Launchers, you need to use them to annihilate UAVs and other vehicles. These are counted as kills when they are taken down by a launcher and thus the weapon ends up gaining XP.

Stick to these tips and you will be able to level up fast and unlock new attachments and camos for your weapon in no time! You will be able to see the sequence in which attachments are unlocked through the Gunsmith menu.