How to find Zombies Ronald Raygun Easter Egg in CoD: Cold War Outbreak

Andrew Highton
cod cold war outbreak zombies ray gun

Ronald Raygun is the comically named hidden zombie that you can find in Black Ops Cold War Season 4’s Outbreak Zombies mode. Here’s how you can find him to steal his Ray Gun Wonder Weapon.

The Zombies landscape completely changed when Treyarch introduced Zombies Outbreak to Call of Duty. Instead of the age-old format of locked rooms and progressive story objectives, Outbreak dispensed with tradition and took on a life of its own.

Outbreak is more Warzone than it is anything else as it utilizes Cold War’s massive Fireteam maps to house hundreds of Zombies standing between you and the map’s primary objectives. Somewhere in your game might also be one particular zombie of great value to you – Ronald Raygun.

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He’s very useful, and here’s how you can find him in Outbreak Zombies.

Where to find Ronald Raygun in Cold War Outbreak Zombies?

cod cold war outbreak ronald raygun

It’s the question you’re asking, but the answer isn’t as awesome as the Easter Egg itself. At the moment, it seems like an appearance from Ronald Raygun is completely random.

Players have reported seeing Ronald and his mad mohawk in different rounds and under different circumstances. Given that he drops a Ray Gun, which is one of several, rare Wonder Weapons, it’s only natural that he won’t be everywhere, and feature in all games.

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All we can suggest is to be more vigilant during a game of Outbreak and make sure to keep an eye out for a punk-looking Zombie. Also, Treyarch did recently increase the chances of Ronald Raygun spawning thanks to the ‘Season Four Reloaded Intel’ blog post.

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There’s always the chance that you might have killed him amongst a herd of Zombies, so always make sure you’re checking to see if they drop anything. A Wonder Weapon has a distinct yellow aura around it to indicate it’s a special item, so bear this in mind.

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What is the Ronald Raygun Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg?

Posted to the official CoD Zombies subreddit, user 2Batou4U discovered this amusing secret randomly during a game of Cold War’s Outbreak mode.

They were doing the usual of fighting off a few loose undead when they noticed something strange about one of the Zombies heading straight for them.

Using their Pelington Sniper Rifle, the user zoomed in on the odd-looking enemy and noticed that it differed greatly from the rest. Unlike the usual rags that the dead wear, this one wore a studded leather jacket to accompany its crazy pink mohawk.

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The player promptly blew their head off and the game notified the player of their “Ronald Raygun Critical Kill.” Not only had the player killed a reference to former US President Ronald Reagan, but they also earned a free Ray Gun in the process.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch