Hilarious Black Ops Cold War glitch leaves player legless

Andrew Highton

An incredible BOCW bug is making the rounds on social media, which appears to show a player become temporarily disconnected from their body mid-game.

Imagine that you’ve just spawned and are about to seek furious vengeance on whomever just added a +1 to your death count. Now, imagine that your legs are so angry that they’re trying to get to that person before you do.

Well, that’s the sort of blink-twice moment that has happened to a CoD player recently. The almost unbelievable video isn’t something we can say has ever happened to us during a game of Call of Duty.

nuketown 84 clock in bocw

Hasn’t got the legs anymore

During a game of Nuketown, Reddit user thunder spud is casually running towards the house in front of him when a weird anomaly appears in front of him…the lower half of his avatar.

In something out of black comedy film, the legs seemingly become self-aware and realize the error of their ways. They suddenly stop and this leads to a reunion for thunder spud as he momentarily stops to rejoins his lower-half. He then carries on as if this literal out-of-body experience has never happened.

You can see the amazing video in all of its glory below.

This unexplainable aberration provoked some great responses from the community too. Some of our favorites were these:

“So this is how a 2nd person video game looks like,” “Is this a new decoy perk?” “My minds telling me nooo….but my body…my body is telling me yes”.

Others just simply showed their disappointment in the endless stream of glitches and bugs that Black Ops Cold War continues to reel out. This is probably another bullet point on Treyarch‘s to-do list that seems to be increasing day-by-day.

Image credits: Treyarch, thunder spud

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