Could Cold War be adding the Nuke Scorestreak in future?

Andrew Highton
cod black ops cold war nuke

Some of the new Black Ops Cold War Operators have some dialogue that could be an unintentional sign of things to come in CoD with the Nuke Scorestreak possibly en-route.

Modern Warfare 2’s introduction of the Nuke Scorestreak (Killstreak at the time) was groundbreaking and completely changed the dynamic of games of Call of Duty. Whereas the two previous games had encouraged killing enemies in-a-row without dying, the Nuke demanded it.

Compilations of people getting the game-ending killstreak became commonplace and the stuff of YouTube dreams. It was most recently seen in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, and there is evidence to suggest that we could see it again.

cod nuke scorestreak

Black Ops Cold War already has a grand collection of Scorestreaks ranging from a rampaging Death Machine to a full, enemy-revealing H.A.R.P. Even though there’s pretty much something for everyone, we don’t think many would say no to the return of the Nuke.

There have been plenty of new Season 2 Operator Bundles including Samantha Maxis amongst others, and it seems they’ve had specific dialogue recorded.

In a clip posted on Reddit, Reddit0r69420 was able to gain access to these skins whilst in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, and even though they aren’t playable, they’ve still got the lines ready.

The best guesses are that this is maybe something to do with Warzone and its current contamination of the undead, or it could be a line intended for the future.

By that we mean that given the game is set during the dangerous and uncertain Cold War era where the threat of nuclear devastation was a distinct possibility, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it return in Treyarch’s newest game.

Given that new Scorestreaks are being added all the time, and not everyone is a fan of the Nuke, Treyarch may look to finally introduce it, possibly as a big Season 3 addition.

Image credits: Treyarch

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