Cold War players want ‘Best Play’ scrapped and Final Killcam to return

Andrew Highton
cod cold war best play

Players have become frustrated with the unrewarding nature of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Best Play system, and would rather the game reverted back to the classic Final Killcam conclusion.

The Final Killcam in previous Call of Duty games was always a double-edged sword for whoever was involved. The person delivering the killing blow could revel in their game-winning contribution, no matter their skill level. Whereas the recipient had to suffer the embarrassment of being the final kill, making it a competition to not be that person.

But since Overwatch popularized the Best Play format, more games have turned to it, rewarding players for the best passage of gameplay in the game. However, this hardly ever actually turns out to be the case, and CoD fans want the original system to make a comeback.

cod cold war sticks and stones mode

In many cases with Black Ops Cold War, the game will seemingly select the ‘Best Play’ based on random factors. It’s also incredibly time-consuming with every round of Search & Destroy ending with the Best Play lasting anywhere between 5-10 seconds.

A blatant example of the system’s flaw comes in the form of Reddit user Jachru’s game of Stick and Stones they took part in.

The recently-added mode focuses on pure melee combat with Tomahawks, Ballistic Knives, Crossbows, and melee attacks. Sticks and Stones is a perfect fit for unbelievable Best Plays, yet it didn’t reward Jachru’s efforts.

cod cold war ballistic knife season 3

In their video, they managed to pull off an insane sequence of five Crossbow kills in just over 15 seconds, culminating in an epic long-range kill.

The game ended with our player being Tomahawked, and instead of their masterful Crossbow display being acknowledged, the accolade went to another player for a much-less impressive feat.

By comparison, the ‘Best Play’, was fairly tame, and many would argue likewise. It undermines the whole system, whereas a Final Killcam is a definitive play.

The heavily flawed system was even discussed by a Reddit commenter saying, “POTG in this game sucks so bad. Sometimes I see some with people dying and making kills after be respawned.”

Others were blunter in their assessment with one user quite simply stating, “Bring back Final Killcam.”

It’s hard to imagine this will be changed in the middle of the game’s lifespan, but it could be something we see in Call of Duty 2021. Also, check out 8 other things we want to see in Call of Duty 2021.

Image credits: Treyarch