Cold War players say the TEC-9 makes “every other fully automatic SMG useless” and want it nerfed

cold war tec-9 smg

The TEC-9 has stormed its way into the Cold War meta in Season 5, with many players feeling that it’s far too OP in its current state and want it to be nerfed due to its insane TTK.

As can be the case sometimes with new weapons, the TEC-9 appears to have debuted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and become the favorite of many. Alongside the EM2, the TEC-9 has shaken up the meta and is currently occupying the Primary Slot in many Season 5 loadouts.

However, despite the weapon’s flexibility and diversity to be molded into one of three different types of gun, the automatic variant is proving to be the best – perhaps too good. According to one player’s findings, the TEC-9 now has a ridiculous TTK (time-to-kill).

tec-9 smg in cold war battle pass

In a Black Ops Cold War Reddit post by user Tsuikyit_The_VIP, they offered a deep look into the numbers behind the TEC-9.

The OP said: “But now, the TEC-9 has been added to the game, its full auto variant has completely trashed every other SMG aside from the KSP 45. And even then, the KSP 45 barely even competes with the full auto TEC-9.”

They then detailed the TTK for every SMG that Cold War has to offer and found that even though the KSP 45 still edges the overall TTK, its burst fire nature means that it’s a bit riskier to use compared to a constant stream of automatic bullets.

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“A 184ms TTK for a fully automatic gun in this game, without headshots is absolute craziness. Within that 15.2m range, this gun absolutely wrecks them by a good 90ms or more which I find to be too huge of a discrepancy.”

tec-9 weapon selection cold war

Fans believe the overwhelming power of the TEC-9, however, could be attributed to one key thing regarding new weapons in the game.

“They make new guns broken as sh*t so they sell more battle passes / tiers / skins. Like this happens every season why is anyone surprised?” said one Reddit commenter.

It remains to be seen what Treyarch will do with the TEC-9 going forward, whether it gets a nerf, or stays the way it is for a while.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch