Cold War players call for return of classic Black Ops killstreak

Andrew Highton
cod cold war scorestreak

Fans are keen for the return of the Camera Spike killstreak as players want to use its spying capabilities in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at CoD, your aiming and shooting could be on par with anybody, but if you encounter a troublesome scorestreak, then it’s going to give you some bother.

Black Ops Cold War has many of these game-altering Scorestreaks, and after mentioning it as a bit of nostalgia, one player has managed to convince others that the old Camera Spike killstreak needs to be brought back out of the vault.

cod camera spike scorestreak

Killstreaks and maps always come back for subsequent appearances on CoD games, and this is why we’ve seen the return of Raid, Nuketown, and Express multiple times.

Cold War has numerous scorestreaks that have featured in different Call of Duty titles, but the Camera Spike has curiously only appeared in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and that’s it.

spartanb301 took to Reddit to discuss the idea of welcoming it back to the fold, and the thought gained some traction in the post.

They said, “I’d love to get the Camera back.” In the comments below, one user fervently agreed with them saying, “Would be very useful for Search & Destroy.” Whereas someone else said it’s “such a great tool to defend chokepoints.”

It’s one of those pieces of equipment that doesn’t immediately strike you as being essential and critical to the task at hand, but it’s actually tremendously useful.

Allowing players to switch between the mini-map and its live feed, the camera provides constant feedback on the desired location. It’s also easily transferrable to any location and can give you vital information on a map’s key spots.

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Image credits: Treyarch

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