Top 5 tips to dominate Express in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton
cod bocw express map

Another classic map has made its grand return in Black Ops Cold War. Express is a well-balanced map with narrow openings and long-range spots. We have our top five tips to help you not miss a trick or train.

Express has always been one of THOSE iconic maps in Call of Duty’s sacred lineage. Maps in the series usually do well when they take a simple concept such as an airport or a train station and mold it into something memorable.

So it’s great to welcome back an old friend, and let’s celebrate their return by offering 5 free tips on what to look out for in Express.

Best tips to dominate Express in BOCW

1. Watch out for the train!

This may seem like common sense, but it’s far too easy in Express, or any CoD map for that matter, to become distracted.

If you’re near the tracks, then watch out for the large barriers coming down. If you’re still on the track when the big speedy, metal demon is heading straight for you, then you can probably chalk up one more for the death column. Additionally, if you’re quick enough, you can use the lack of barrier to your advantage and make vital ground on the map as a shortcut.

cod bocw express trains

2. Walkways are dangerous

The two walkways do offer a superb vantage point of multiple entry and exit spots in Express, but the problem is that your spot also has its own set of openings for enemies to jump you.

Between each end of the walkways and the two adjacent windows, there are four possible opportunities for enemies to come out of nowhere and send you packing. Be vigilant and mindful of how long you spend on one of these.

3. The Middle Office is great

This is most likely the quintessential spot on the map. Its coverage is truly excellent as you can see lots of the two corridors leading to spawn areas, and there’s always an easy kill or two waiting to be had.

Again, as long as you don’t get greedy and have the wherewithal to dart back and forth between the two windows, then you have a chance to earn many points. Do not forget about the ladder that leads up to the room either as a well-placed Proximity Mine will deter any intruders. You should also be on the listen out for a Grenade or Semtex waiting to ruin your killstreak.

cod bocw express middle office

4. Stay mobile

Express is a weird one in terms of its size and scope. It’s basically a medium-sized map, but the claustrophobic surroundings, at times, give off a vibe akin to Rust. So the key to success is mainly to keep mobile and never stop.

It’s easy for the spawns to swap on Express and it has plenty of nooks and crannies for you to work your way through. The stationary train carriages are ideal for negotiating from one side of the map to the other and, on occasion, hopping on top of a carriage for a brief aerial barrage.

5. Waiting Area

The most spacious area in Express is undoubtedly the classic waiting room packed with time boards and seating. But it also has a couple of nifty little tricks for you to make the most of. The stairs leading down from the ticket booth have a little platform in the middle that you can hop into, and this can take players off guard.

There’s the lift on the far side of the room with a Resupply Crate in which is always a great hiding spot to get the jump on someone. Finally, always try and take dead aim at one of the curved entry points, on each side, as the frenetic nature of the map means someone is always coming down one after spawning.

cod bocw express map waiting room

These were our best tips to conquer and dominate Black Ops Cold War’s faithful recreation of the original Black Ops 2 map.

May they serve you well and punch your ticket to success.

Image credits: Treyarch

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