Cold War dev confirms fix for glitch that traps players in menu screens

Liam Mackay
treyarch responds to cold war menu glitch

After Black Ops Cold War players reported getting stuck in the menu screen mid-match, Treyarch confirmed a fix is in the works.

Like any multiplayer game, Black Ops Cold War’s devs appear to be in a constant battle against bugs and glitches. Most recently, the brand new AMP63 Pistol has suffered from no aim assist in Zombies, and the NVIDIA DLSS software has been causing game-breaking glitches.

The major Season 3 Reloaded update is now behind us and we’re gearing towards the launch of Season 4, which is scheduled for around June 16-17th. However, fans’ excitement has been dampened somewhat after a frustrating glitch is trapping them in the menu, but Treyarch has responded.

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Calling for Cold War devs to “Fix the bug that doesn’t allow players to leave the menu,” Reddit user RetroJayK shared footage of them being stuck in the menu with none of the options available to be clicked on.

They explained that “You have to force crash your game or boot your system to leave” and it’s their “3rd time getting this bug it’s getting really annoying.”

Many other players reported getting the same bug, and not just on PC. Players have reported getting it on the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, and PS5, so it appears to be a widespread issue. One player even said it happened to their entire team during an SnD match.

There’s good news though, as Treyarch’s Senior Community Manager Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres responded to the Reddit thread. He said, “Jumping in to share that our team is aware of this item and looking to address it. I’ll update here if I get any updates.”

So, Treyarch is aware of the problem and should deploy a fix soon. In the meantime, PC players have reported that using the ‘Dismiss’ button in the bottom left will allow you to exit the menu, but console players affected will likely be stuck.

If you’re a console player getting the issue, it appears all you can do is dashboard the game and try again after reloading it.

If FoxhoundFPS further responds to the thread, we’ll give you an update on the progress of this frustrating glitch.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch