Cheaters take to Call of Duty Competitive in Black Ops Cold War

Cheating is back full swing in Black Ops Cold War and competitive players are not happy.

Hacking in online video games is not a new concept. Some people will do whatever they have to in order to gain advantages, and developers have been fighting against cheaters for years.

Since the addition of crossplay into the Call of Duty franchise, cheating on PC has been something that has been an on-going issue in both Warzone and Multiplayer.

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Recently, cheaters have been taking things to the next level by using them in competitive games. The below clip is an example from a $2,000 tournament played last weekend.

Player Mac (@Serveris on Twitter) claims that he ran into a hacker in a tournament and uses theater mode to back his claims up. You can see that the enemy player is pre-aiming corners and even pre-firing angles before enemies go around the corner.

For this competitive Call of Duty season, the main platform has changed to PC, so cheating was inevitable; however, many players are upset at the lack of a formal anti-cheat for the game.

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You can see below professional player “Clayster” for the New York Subliners speaking about this topic in response to Mac’s original tweet.

Unfortunately, this situation was not isolated that day, as another player was spotted cheating in a competitive event by Twitter user, Devzel.

In the clip, you can see the player pre-aiming an uncommon angle like he knows the opponent is already there. Some can say it was situational, or perhaps the player knew from a previous callout, but it also appears the player is aiming at the enemy through the wall.

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NYSL’s Clayster responded to this post as well, supporting Devzel’s claim that the player was cheating, stating, “I’ve never predicted someone like this, and I’m a 3-time world champion..”

With the upcoming challengers league coming for Black Ops Cold War, we imagine we’ll be seeing more of this without a formal anti-cheat. We’ve reached out to Activision for comment.