CARV.2 & Ballistic Knife disappear after Cold War Season 4 update

Liam Mackay
BOCW carv and ballistic knife missing

Black Ops Cold War players have reported that several weapons including the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle and Ballistic Knife have disappeared after the Season 4 update.

While the latest season of Cold War and Warzone is yet to officially launch, players can already download the Season 4 update. This includes significant changes to the game’s Assault Rifles, changes to League Play, and the powerful new Hand Cannon Scorestreak.

However, players have reported that previous seasons’ DLC weapons, including the CARV.2 and the Ballistic Knife, are missing from the loadout selection screen.

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Cold War ballistic knife

Over the course of the previous seasons, several weapons have been added mid-season through challenges, such as the Baseball Bat, R1 Shadowhunter, and the Ballistic Knife.

Since the Season 4 update to Cold War, the Cold War subreddit has been filled with players reporting that some of these DLC weapons are missing from the weapon selection screen. So far, Cold War players have reported that the CARV.2, Ballistic Knife, and ZRG 20mm have vanished, but there could be more.

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User Youtube_Man_100 showed that the Ballistic Knife is missing from their menu and as evidence that this image was taken recently, it features the Baseball Bat, which arrived after the projectile knife.

In the comments to this post, another user said that the ZRG and the CARV.2 are also missing, and many other Reddit posts back up this report.

This bug doesn’t seem to be affecting all players though, with some reporting that the Ballistic Knife is still there for them.

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Treyarch are yet to acknowledge this frustrating bug, but Senior Treyarch Community Manager Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres regularly trawls through the Cold War subreddit, so may provide an update soon.

Image Credit: Treyarch

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