Black Ops Cold War’s poor visibility gets player killed by user camouflaged as a wall

Andrew Highton

It’s unclear as to why BOCW’s visibility is so poor, but one fan will want to know why. A video posted on Reddit has demonstrated just how baffling the game’s scenery and colors can be sometimes as at first glance, the player is killed by no one.

There’s nothing worse than heading towards the main area of conflict and getting ready to dive headfirst into a firefight. But it’s frustrating when you don’t even make it there because you’ve been killed by an apparent ghost.

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There’s absolutely no shame in losing a 1 vs 1 to someone when you’re both aware of each other, but when you’re looking dead straight at someone and you still can’t see them… Well, that’s a problem.

Clumsy camouflage?

Character wearing a ghillie suit in COD4

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer was designed so that if you had a sniper rifle equipped, you would wear a ghillie suit, and could easily blend in with some of the grassy environments. That was a deliberate mechanic to encourage stealthy sniping.

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An enemy blatantly out in the open with an AK-47 and being impervious to sight is not a deliberate design choice – it’s an eye-opening flaw. So when poor Reddit user Yannivzp was happily running around the Moscow map and suddenly died, it was a mystery.

They posted the video on Reddit which you can see below.

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It even took us a couple of views to fully realize what happens. The enemy player momentarily appears, we think, and Yannivzp is completely oblivious to their sudden appearance due to the color similarities. As a result, this basically just becomes a free kill for their opponent. The clip also inspired some hilarious comments below the video too.

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One user said: “Holy f**k, and I wondered why people were looking invisible in that spot, they are literally using the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter.” Another one also made a good point too: “Wow. They have to know visibility is horrible in this game. Idk why they won’t fix it.”

an enemy hidden in bocw multiplayer

Not only that, but it’s the kind of scenario that raises awareness to the ease of camping in Call of Duty.

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This ideology is especially rife in Hardcore Modes. Unless a camper’s position is compromised fairly quickly then they can remain undetected and reel off an easy streak of kills without breaking a sweat.

Visibility is proving to be one of the main sore points for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Hopefully Treyarch are fully aware of this and will be updating it in the future.

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