Black Ops Cold War’s new Mall map pays homage to classic film

Andrew Highton

The details keep pouring in for BOCW’s upcoming Season One, and one such tidbit is about a new map called Mall. It turns out that it is actually a tribute to an instantly recognizable film and franchise.

You know you’ve made an impact on society when Call of Duty essentially dedicates a full map in your honor. But that is what it looks like for the new ‘Mall’ map that fans can look forward to in Season One.

After initially being leaked by dataminers, the map has since been shown off in the new cinematic trailer showcasing the slew of content coming our way.

twin pines mall in Back to the future

Great Scott

The sight of the mall and its name will resonate with a slightly older audience that may have definitely seen it before. It has a slightly different name in Call of Duty, but it’s pretty much the same place let’s be honest.

It actually poses as a great tribute to Twin Pines Mall, a location that was first seen over 30 years ago in the very first Back to the Future film. The classic sci-fi blockbuster that spawned a generation of time-traveling imitations and pop culture references that are still felt in 2020.

The shopping venue is identifiable in a famous scene in the original Back to the Future in which Doc Brown and Marty are tracked down by some terrorists outside of the Mall. This is where we see the iconic DeLorean hit 88mph and depart for the future for the first time.

Given that Black Ops Cold War is set during the 1980s, it serves as an appropriate homage to a historic film.

Will Treyarch add any more 1980s references to the game through more content? Possibly. Will the Mall be filled with 1980s easter eggs or nods to the Back to the Future franchise? Almost certainly.

Image credits: Treyarch, Universal Pictures

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