Black Ops Cold War players frustrated with underpowered Swiss K31

Liam Mackay
Underpowered Swiss K31 Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 brought the new Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle to the game, but even though it’s insanely fast, the community feels it’s underpowered.

For Black Ops Cold War, sniping has seen some considerable buffs and nerfs. With the flinch mechanic removed and Sniper Rifles having aim assist, it’s much easier for snipers to win gunfights against automatic weapons. However, Snipers’ aim down sight time is considerably lower than in previous CoD games.

The answer to this problem is the new Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle that arrived with the Season 3 update. It can be unlocked for free at Level 31 of the Battle Pass, so more and more players are starting to unlock it and level it up.

The Swiss K31 is designed to be the fastest Sniper Rifle in Cold War, having a rapid ADS speed and fire rate. However, players feel it’s underpowered because, more often than not, it gives hit marks, instead of one-hit kills.

Two posts making fun of the underpowered Swiss have made the Black Ops Cold War subreddit’s front page. One post compared the Swiss to a Nerf Gun, and the other said “Ah yes the new hit mark god that leaves enemy 1 hp,” along with a picture of the K31.

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The comments on both posts were filled with players echoing the posts’ claim, with several players calling it too weak and “Absolutely painful to level up.”

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User longtuktuk012456 suggested that devs: “Buff the damage by 2%, the amount of time I shot people and they survive with a tiny bit of HP is too high.”

As detailed in our Swiss K31 class and quickscoping loadout, you need to use the 24.9″ Tiger Team barrel to turn the Swiss from one of the worst Sniper Rifles in the game to the best. This barrel improves the K31’s damage, fire rate, and bullet velocity – making it infinitely better than the base version.

The source of most players’ frustration is that the Tiger Team barrel is unlocked at Weapon Level 48, so there’s a lengthy grind to get there and make the weapon useable.

After comments said that the Tiger Team vastly improves it, user N_U_T said, “let me just torture myself getting constant hit markers for the 50 hours it takes to even get the gun to level 48.”

If you’re struggling with leveling up the K31 fast, you can check out our guide on how to level up weapons fast in Cold War.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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