Black Ops Cold War players call for the ability to cancel finishing moves

Nicholas Barth
Cancel Black Ops Cold War Finishing Move

Finishing moves were first introduced to the Call of Duty franchise in Modern Warfare and have continued in Black Ops Cold War. Players are now asking for the ability to disable finishing moves in progress.

Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and Modern Warfare have seen many changes come to the fan-favorite Call of Duty franchise, with one of these major changes being the addition of finishing moves.

These executions allow players to eliminate their enemies in flashy manners that consist of everything from having dogs attack to impressive displays of knife skills.

However, the animation of these finishing moves has recently led some Black Ops Cold War community members to explain why they would like to have the ability to disable a finishing move in progress at any time.

Black Ops Cold War Finishing Moves

This discussion around the desire to stop a finishing move in progress surfaced on the official Black Ops Cold War subreddit via community member swaste2000. This discussion focused on a video the player posted of them performing a finishing move on an enemy player but cannot disable it to take out another player for a double kill.

This sentiment was shared by plenty of other players, as they find it frustrating that they do not have the ability to cancel a finishing move whenever they want.

This causes them to miss out on getting double or triple kills because their character is stuck performing a finishing move, with some of these moves lasting a couple of seconds.

There was also discussion on how the finishing moves that last several seconds leave you exposed and make your character an easy target for enemy players who catch you engaged in a length finishing move animation.

It remains to be seen whether or not Treyarch will address this concern and add an ability for Black Ops Cold War players to disable a finishing move in progress.

However, community feedback has resulted in the developer making requested changes before, so it is always possible Treyarch could add this ability to the game at some point.

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