Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Feb 23 patch notes: New Content, Map Updates, League Play changes

Keshav Bhat

Treyarch has released version 1.12 patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on all platforms on February 23.

The new update is:

  • PlayStation 5: 18.0 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 10.5 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 26.5 GB
  • Xbox One: 15.3 GB
  • PC: 13.7 GB

Version 1.12 is available now to download. Season 2 content is now also available in Black Ops Cold War.

The new update includes Season 2 Battle Pass, new weapons, new operators, new MP maps, the brand new Zombies Outbreak mode, and more updates and fixes for Black Ops Cold War.



In addition to an all-new Battle Pass packed with 100 Tiers of content including the FARA 83 assault rifleLC10 SMG, and fearsome Perseus Operator “Naga,” Season Two delivers tons of rewards available in launch week. These include the new Machete melee weapon available via in-game challenge, four new Prestige Levels, new Prestige Shop content, new challenges to unlock the Groza and Mac-10 for those who missed out in Season One, and much more.

To get everyone ready for a wild new season of content, we’ve completely overhauled the main lobby theming and Operator animations for Season Two, which you’ll see live in-game after downloading this week’s new Black Ops Cold War update, available now.

First, let’s dive into everything coming to Multiplayer on Day One.


The first of four Multiplayer locales coming in Season Two arrives this week with Apocalypse, our newest 6v6 map. This cartel base in the sweltering jungles of Laos serves as Naga’s base of operations, with Perseus forces rumored to be hiding key intel on Nova 6 supply lines within.

Apocalypse is a fast-paced map built for aggressive play – the perfect setting for frenetic respawn modes like Kill Confirmed, Free-For-All, and the new Gun Game. From its stilted buildings to its winding temple pathways throughout the jungle fortress, Apocalypse offers a variety of environments to suit any play style. Jump into the new Apocalypse 24/7 featured playlist this week available in core respawn modes, and in Hardcore via Quick Play.

Black Ops fan-favorite Gun Game arrives at the start of Season Two! Progress through a set of 20 different weapons from pistol to Knife, and be the first player to get a kill with every weapon to win the match. Custom Loadouts, Scorestreaks, Perks, Equipment, and Field Upgrades are all restricted, and getting eliminated via melee will set you back a level in your weapon progression, so it’s all down to pure gunplay here. Make every shot count.

Speaking of fan-favorites, the Death Machine Scorestreak also makes its Black Ops Cold War debut in Multiplayer this week. Get ready to mow down the competition as high-impact rounds tear through enemy infantry, vehicles, and low-flying Scorestreaks.

In addition to Gun Game and Apocalypse 24/7, Gunfight Blueprints gets a full refresh with new Season Two Weapon Blueprints to wield in your randomized loadouts. Grab a partner and jump into a match to try your hand at some of the wild new builds this season has to offer.

In addition to the new FARA 83, LC10, and Machete, three more new weapons are coming to Multiplayer throughout Season Two: the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow, ZRG 20mm sniper rifle, and E-Tool melee weapon. With a whopping six weapons joining the arsenal this season, the weapon camo grind keeps getting bigger and better.

Season Two also brings new Season Challenges along with it for all you challenge hunters out there! Hit up the Progression menu at the Barracks for 20 new Season Two Challenges available to complete across Multiplayer or Warzone, complete with unique Calling Card rewards and tons of XP to earn. Unlock a new Season Challenge at every 10 levels, and reach Prestige Master to gain access to all 20 before the end of the season. Complete the full set to earn 10,000 XP and an animated Master Calling Card to show off in-game.

Read on below for the full list of patch notes to see what else is coming to Multiplayer, including new adjustments to Scorestreak costs, Smoke Grenade visibility, Trophy System damage, Point Blank weapon camo challenge requirements, the new Shot Tracker in the Combat Record, and more.


Along with the recent addition of Black Ops II’s Express, this week’s debut of Apocalypse, and the upcoming launches of Golova, Mansion, and Miami Strike,the Multiplayer map team has been working behind the scenes on updates to several of our current maps based on player feedback. All of those updates are going live this week with the start of Season Two.

On Cartel, we brought in the hedge trimmers and made several requested cover adjustments throughout the map, reducing the height of the bushes in certain locations to make engagements more predictable.

On Crossroads Strike, we’ve improved character visibility in key areas and made cover adjustments to address unintended or exploitable sightlines. In Hardpoint, we’ve moved the P4 Hardpoint zone to the crates on the frozen lake for better gameplay flow.

We also trimmed out some of the unused space on Moscow near the starting spawns to address areas that can’t be flanked in certain game modes, resulting in a tighter overall play space.

We’ve also made important changes to Satellite by closing some gaps in cover that could be abused in the center of the map.

On Raid, players can now mantle onto the van inside of the Garage area, and the P1 Hardpoint zone radius has been reduced to match the Control zone radius.

And on Express, good news: no more surprise spawning in front of the train.

Later in Season Two, Miami gets a complete overhaul in the new Miami Strike map, tightening the action around the alley/garage areas and bathing the map in sunlight. This new design will come complete with new flanking paths, new set decorations, and improved player visibility based on direct feedback.

Be sure to check out all of the map updates Season Two has to offer, and keep your constructive feedback coming.


We’re also delivering some much-anticipated changes and fixes to League Play for our competitive fans climbing those ladders each week.

First and foremost: ScorestreaksAs we’ve said from the start, one of our goals with this year’s League Play is giving players more freedom to play their way while still adhering to many of the official CDL rules and restrictions. While this originally extended to Scorestreaks at launch, we’re answering the feedback from players who want to play more like the pros.

Starting with Season Two, all players will now have access to only the Artillery and Cruise Missile Scorestreaks by default in League Play, and score earned will now reset to zero on death. To make these streaks slightly more attainable in light of these changes, we’ve reduced the Artillery cost from 3000 to 1600, and reduced the Cruise Missile cost from 3500 to 2000 in League Play.

We’ve also addressed several issues that required a code fix at the start of the season. These include various bugs with Create-a-Class loadouts not displaying properly, After Action Report rewards not showing up as intended, and Zombies camos appearing as unavailable in custom loadouts. Watch for more updates to League Play as the CDL 2021 season continues.


The Dark Aether story continues in Outbreak, an entirely new, large-scale Zombies experience unlike any we’ve ever created.

Available to play solo or in a squad of up to four players, Outbreak takes place across sprawling environments throughout the Ural Mountains. As agents of Requiem, you’ll take on terrifying new enemies, complete deadly experiments, earn Aetherium Crystal rewards, and discover new in-game intel. Play your way and fight to survive until you can Exfil safely… or risk entering the Dark Aether portal to a more challenging region for even better rewards. The choice is yours.

The development of Outbreak has been an absolutely colossal undertaking by the Zombies team, and we’re incredibly excited for fans to get their hands on Zombies at such a huge scale for the first time in the mode’s history. Outbreak arrives this week with three massive regions to explore: Ruka, Alpine, and the all-new Golova, which launches exclusively in Outbreak at the start of Season Two.

There’s nothing quite like running over an entire horde of zombies in Outbreak, and we’re introducing two new vehicles to amp up the experience: the Light Truck and the Sedan. Whether you’re flooring it to your next objective or plowing through a field of meatbags, you’re going to have a blast with these new toys in Outbreak.


The launch of Outbreak coincides with the biggest expansion to the Zombies meta to date: the addition of Skill Tiers IV and V across all Skills for Weapon Classes, Field Upgrades, Perks, and Ammo Mods, for a total of 56 new Tiers to unlock. We’ve also added two new categories of Weapon Skills to unlock and upgrade: Specials and Launchers.

If you want to invest in these new Tiers, you’ll need more potent Aetherium Crystals to power them up. Survive long enough through multiple regions in Outbreak or make it to higher rounds in “Die Maschine” or “Firebase Z,” and you’ll get the chance to earn new Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals. As luck would have it, you can learn all about what these new Tiers and Crystals can do at the Call of Duty Blog.

There’s also a brand-new Field Upgrade for Operators who love to be the center of attention. When activated, Frenzied Guard will immediately attract all enemies to you for a limited time – great for saving your teammates when they’re swarmed by the undead. Once you’ve upgraded it all the way to Tier V, you’ll become a walking, zombie-killing tank while this baby’s active.

Then there’s the new Shatter Blast Ammo Mod that grants explosive damage to your bullets, perfect for wiping out well-armored Heavy Zombies. After securing all five Skill Tier upgrades, you won’t want to leave home base without it.

The new Death Machine Support weapon also arrives this week in Outbreak, “Die Maschine,” and “Firebase Z” to help you shred the undead, just like old times. Players will also be able to bring in the new FARA 83 assault rifle, LC10 SMG, and Machete melee weapon in Zombies via custom loadouts once unlocked, with support for the R1 Shadowhunter, ZRG 20mm, and E-Tool coming to Zombies later in the season.

Zombies also gets its own set of 20 Season Challenges to complete for unique Calling Card rewards and tons of XP to unlock in Season Two. Head over to the Progression menu at the Barracks and get to work on unlocking new challenges on your way to Prestige Master, and complete the full set to earn 10,000 XP and an animated Master Calling Card for your efforts.

We’ve also added new Zombies Challenges in Season Two, including a brand-new Dark Ops Challenge to discover and achieve in Outbreak. Who will find it first?

For those playing on PlayStation, a new Onslaught map joins the rotation this week with Apocalypse, the Lao jungle cartel base in the heart of the Golden Triangle, where you and a partner will face off against increasingly difficult surges of enemies to charge the Dark Aether Orb. Keep an eye out for new in-game Intel as you go for the Gold.

For Dead Ops Arcade fans, we’re debuting the new First-Person mode in Private matches this week, where you can take on the Mamaback entirely in first-person perspective. We’ve also implemented a whole host of new gameplay improvements and bug fixes in Dead Ops Arcade 3, including new meta updates and exploit fixes. Read on for the full list in the patch notes below.

Along with this update, we’re resetting the Solo, Duo, Trios, and Quads leaderboards in Dead Ops Arcade 3 to allow for a fresh start for all players with these new changes implemented. The Career leaderboard will remain untouched.

Season Two also includes a long list of gameplay improvements and stability fixes for Zombies across the board, including Combat Record updates, Daily Challenge improvements, new crash fixes for “Firebase Z,” and more. Check out the full list of patch notes below.


If you want to jump into Outbreak and start earning rewards with your friends who might not own Black Ops Cold War yet, you’re in luck.

Starting Thursday, everyone can play Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer and Outbreak for free all week long during Free Access Week! Grab your squad and jump in Feb. 25 through March 4, featuring instant free access to:


  • Apocalypse 24/7
  • Nuketown 24/7
  • Gun Game
  • Gunfight Blueprints
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • 3v3 Face Off + more


  • Outbreak
  • Onslaught (PlayStation only)**

You can download Black Ops Cold War Free Access on your preferred platform’s store starting Thursday, Feb. 25. And that’s not the only event kicking off that day…


While there’s nothing “limited-time” about the new Outbreak experience in Zombies, you’ll have two weeks to dive into the challenge-packed Outbreak Event happening across Black Ops Cold War Zombies and Warzone from Feb. 25 to March 11!

As the undead threat explodes in the Ural Mountains with the launch of Outbreak in Black Ops Cold War, the Vodianoy ship brings its own mysterious cargo ashore in Verdansk, along with a series of new challenges to complete for unique rewards to use in both games.

And if you’re looking to level up twice as fast while you take on these new challenges at the start of Season Two, we’ve got you covered there, too.


Starting on Feb. 26th, all players get Double XP and Double Weapon XP all weekend long in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone to celebrate the kickoff of Season Two! Gain twice as much progress toward your next Prestige and max out those weapons through 10AM PT March 1. PlayStation players also get an extra 24 hours of 2XP and 2WXP starting Feb. 25th.


Last but not least, for those looking for easier access to your growing loot collection, you’ll be able to access all Bundles you own at the new Bundle Locker at the Weapons menu in any mode, and directly from the Store.

You’ll also be able to equip certain items straight from the Battle Pass, Store Bundle Preview, and Bundle Locker with the new Quick Equip feature in Black Ops Cold War. No more sifting through menus to find your newest items – now you can equip them with the tap of a button.

Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff: Season Two patch notes. Here’s what’s coming at the launch of the season in Black Ops Cold War, starting at 9PM PT Wednesday, Feb. 24th / 12AM ET Thursday, Feb. 25th. For details on what’s new in Season Two in Warzone, check out @RavenSoftware on Twitter.


  • Outbreak Event (Feb. 25 – March 11)
    • Complete new undead challenges across Outbreak and Warzone to unlock all-new rewards.
    • Available for a limited time: Feb. 25 – Mar. 11.


  • FARA 83
    • New assault rifle available to unlock in the Season Two Battle Pass.
  • LC10
    • New SMG available to unlock in the Season Two Battle Pass.
  • Machete
    • New melee weapon available via in-game challenge or Store bundle.
  • Groza
    • Unlock challenge available for the Groza assault rifle.
  • Mac-10
    • Unlock challenge available for the Mac-10 SMG.

Battle Pass

  • New 100-Tier Battle Pass available in Season Two.
  • Added attachment flyout descriptions on weapon previews in the Battle Pass.


  • Naga
    • New Operator available to unlock in the Season Two Battle Pass.


  • Sedan
    • New vehicle available in Season Two for Outbreak and multi-team modes.
  • Light Truck
    • New vehicle available in Season Two for Outbreak and multi-team modes.

Main Lobby

  • Updated main lobby theming and animations for Season Two.
  • Added new Screen Saver mode when the player is idle on the main menu screen.
  • Addressed an issue where party members’ equipped weapons would not be shown in the main lobby.

Combat Record

  • Added Shot Tracker to the Combat Record’s Multiplayer Weapons screen.
    • For each weapon, this displays the distribution of hits across the different body parts as well as the damage multipliers assigned to some of these body parts.
  • Addressed an issue where earned Medals were not displayed anymore.

After Action Report

  • Implemented a smoother transition between leveling up animation and displaying current level rewards.
  • After Action Report now only shows rewards of the last level when leveling up several ranks at once.

Prestige Levels

  • Four new Prestige Levels added in Season Two (Prestige 8-11).

Prestige Shop

  • New legacy Prestige rewards available to unlock starting at Prestige 8.

Music Player

  • Original Treyarch tracks from Black Ops II now available in the Music Player, once unlocked via War Tracks in the Battle Pass: “Main Theme,” “Adrenaline,” “Damned 100ae,” and “Shadows.”
  • “Lost” (Easter Egg song from “Firebase Z”) now available in the Music Player once unlocked in-game after the launch of Season Two.

New Features

  • Bundle Locker
    • Access all of your owned Store Bundles at the new Bundle Locker at the Weapons menu in any mode and the Store.
  • Quick Equip
    • Equip certain items straight from the Battle Pass, Store Bundle Preview, and the Bundle Locker with the tap of a button.


  • Apocalypse
    • New 6v6 map available in Multiplayer.
    • Apocalypse 24/7 featured playlist available in core modes, and in Hardcore via Quick Play.
  • Cartel
    • Made cover adjustments, including reducing the heights of bushes in certain locations to increase predictability of engagements.
  • Crossroads Strike
    • Improved character visibility in key areas.
    • Made cover adjustments to address unintended or exploitable sightlines.
    • P4 Hardpoint zone moved to the crates on the frozen lake.
  • Satellite
    • Closed small gaps in cover that could be abused in the map center.
  • Moscow
    • Trimmed unused space near starting spawns to address areas that cannot be flanked in certain game modes.
  • Raid
    • P1 Hardpoint zone radius reduced to match the Control zone radius.
    • Players can now mantle onto the van inside of the garage.
  • Express
    • Addressed an issue that would allow players to spawn in front of the active train.


  • Gun Game
    • Available in Multiplayer at the start of Season Two.
    • Progress through a set of 20 weapons from pistol to Knife, advancing to a new weapon with each elimination. Melee kills set the target back a level in their weapon progression. First player to kill an enemy with each weapon wins the match.
  • Gunfight Blueprints
    • Added new Blueprints to loadouts in Gunfight Blueprints during Season Two.
  • Search and Destroy
    • Addressed an issue where both teams could get points if the last players traded kills in Search and Destroy.
  • UI
    • Reduced opacity of waypoints while ADS and when looking at Hardpoint, Control and Search & Destroy objectives.

Featured Playlists

  • Apocalypse 24/7 [NEW]
  • Gun Game [NEW]
  • Gunfight Blueprints [New Season Two Blueprints]
  • Snipers Only Moshpit
  • Nuketown 24/7
  • Face Off


  • Death Machine
    • Now available in Multiplayer for 2200 score.
  • Air Patrol
    • Reduced cost from 2700 to 2400.
  • Attack Helicopter
    • Reduced cost from 5000 to 4500.
  • VTOL Escort
    • Reduced cost from 7000 to 6500.
  • Counter Spy Plane
    • Increased cost from 1200 to 1400.
    • Cooldown increased from 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Care Package
    • Addressed an issue where the Care Package marker could remain stuck if the player skipped the Killcam while it was still visible.
  • Cruise Missile
    • Addressed an issue where the Cruise Missile could inconsistently lock on in multi-team matches.
  • Spy Plane
    • Addressed an issue where a player who was previously hidden by the Jammer could remain hidden from enemy Spy Planes.
  • H.A.R.P.
    • Addressed an issue where a player who was previously hidden by the Jammer could remain hidden from enemy H.A.R.P.s.


  • Smoke Grenade
    • Player vision is now degraded when inside a smoke grenade cloud.

Field Upgrades

  • Trophy System
    • Reduced the damage that a Trophy System will deal to a player.
    • The max damage that a Trophy System will now deal is 10.
  • Gas Mine
    • Players can no longer spawn in an active cloud of an activated Gas Mine.


  • Addressed an issue where, if a player sprinted to cancel their reload the instant before ammo was replenished, the weapon could fire instantly as the reload was cancelled.
  • Small reduction to jump height and slowdown penalty after landing from a jump.


  • Increased the range for Point Blank weapon camo Challenge.


  • Addressed an issue where the scoreboard would sometimes show reversed information on the scoreboard for the opposite team.

Custom Games

  • Addressed an issue where bots would not capture the A-side zone in Domination on Nuketown ‘84 in Custom Games.

Main Menu

  • Added “Select/Deselect All” option in Quick Play menu.


  • Addressed an issue where the Dropkick nuke post-match FX could remain stuck when rewinding in Theater.


  • Score earned will now reset to 0 on death.
  • Players now only have access to the Artillery and Cruise Missile Scorestreaks by default.
  • Artillery cost reduced from 3000 to 1600.
  • Cruise Missile cost reduced from 3500 to 2000.


  • Addressed an issue where players were unable to select their unlocked Zombies camos in custom weapon loadouts.
  • Addressed various issues with the Lobby and Create-a-Class loadouts not displaying properly.

After Action Report

  • Addressed an issue where After Action Report rewards would not be displayed after a League Play match.


  • Outbreak available in Zombies at the start of Season Two.
  • Continue the Dark Aether story with your squad of Requiem agents in this new large-scale experience, complete with new team objectives, player rewards, in-game intel, deadly new enemies, and varied infiltration zones throughout the Ural Mountains.
  • Launches with three regions to explore: Ruka, Alpine, and Golova (Outbreak exclusive at launch), with more to follow.

Skill Tiers

  • Added new Tiers IV and V for every Skill.
  • New Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals are now earnable to upgrade Skills to Tiers IV/V.
  • Added new Weapon Skill categories: Launchers and Specials.

Field Upgrades

  • Frenzied Guard
    • Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade available in Zombies at the start of Season Two.
    • Base level ability: Force all enemies in the area to target you for 10 seconds. Armor takes all damage during this time.

Ammo Mods

  • Shatter Blast
    • Shatter Blast Ammo Mod available in Zombies at the start of Season Two.
    • Base level ability: Bullets deal explosive damage. Each bullet has a chance to explode, dealing additional explosive damage and destroying any impacted armor (25 second cooldown).


  • Death Machine Support weapon now available in Zombies.
  • Addressed an issue where VO would not play when activating Napalm Strike, Cruise Missile, or Artillery.
  • Visual adjustments made to placement markers for Artillery and Napalm Strike.


  • New in-game Intel available in Outbreak and Onslaught.
  • All subtitles are now visible in the Zombies audio logs and radio transmissions.

New Featured Playlists

  • Outbreak
  • Dead Ops Arcade: First Person (Private)
  • Onslaught Apocalypse (PS4/PS5)

Firebase Z

  • Stability
    • Fixed crashes related to the Mangler, Mimic, Intel, and side quests.
  • Gameplay
    • Closed various exploits around the Village and Firebase where zombies were unable to attack the player.
    • Closed various exploits where players were able to reach unintended locations.
    • Addressed an issue where zombies were getting stuck in spawn at the Village.
    • Addressed an issue where a notification was not being given when the door to Open Lot was purchased.
    • Addressed an issue where the prompt to retrieve Dimitri’s eye persisted after interacting with it.
    • Addressed an issue where the Orda’s health bar was not showing while in the Chopper Gunner.
    • Cleaned up collision and adjusted zombie traversals in Scorched Defense.
    • Addressed an issue where a spectating player was not seeing damage numbers.
  • Assault Rounds
    • Addressed an issue where the Orda’s weak spot was always vulnerable during Assault Rounds.
  • Wonder Weapon
    • Reduced the fire delay when switching to alternative fire mode.
    • Addressed an issue where the secondary attack would not trigger when hitting Manglers directly.
  • Main Quest
    • Addressed an issue where the boss was not properly scaling with round difficulty. 
    • Addressed an issue that prevented catching a Mimic as a solo player with the Essence Trap.
  • Side Quest
    • Increased timeout of the reward chest after completing a side quest.
    • Addressed an issue where the upgraded Monkey Bomb was not killing the appropriate number of enemies.
  • Leaderboards
    • Addressed an issue where Critical and Elite Kills were not being tracked correctly on the leaderboards.

Die Maschine

  • Gameplay
    • Addressed an issue where the player could be teleported out of the map when exiting the Dark Aether.

Dead Ops Arcade 3

  • Stability
    • Addressed various stability issues.
  • Gameplay
    • Closed various exploits.
    • Addressed an uncommon occurrence where the Margwa would be removed during dynamic dungeon creation.
    • Addressed the Chalice/Shield Fates not being included as potential dungeon Fate awards.
    • Addressed an issue where spamming the Use button could accidentally activate an object which was some distance away (and possibly cause a key to be unintentionally spent).
    • Addressed an issue with too many additional bosses being spawned starting at round 125.
    • Addressed an issue where the bonus room War Store was removing vehicles when player exited the bonus area.
    • Addressed an issue where more than one player would donate a life to a downed player.
    • Gems now stop spilling once the player respawns. This will allow players to keep more of their multiplier, as well as enhance the Divine Chalice Fate, which has faster player respawning.
  • Enemies
    • Reduced Margwa swipe distance by 17%.
  • Events
    • Room of Justice should now always appear after round 65 is complete.
    • Time added to ROJ events based on player count. Four players still get the same amount of time.
  • Fates
    • Fortune Fate now adds 80% instead of 40% to timeouts.
    • Added Fate declaration sequence to Advanced Start mode, allowing players to choose a Fate to play with.
  • Bonus Areas
    • Player deaths are no longer counted in Slideways bonus areas.
    • Depending on level being advanced to in the Advanced Start mode, player will get additional lives, bombs, boosts to start with.
  • Leaderboards
    • Resetting Solo, Duo, Trios, and Quads leaderboards to allow for a fresh start for all players with new Season Two gameplay tuning and exploit fixes implemented. Career leaderboard will remain unchanged.


  • Tombstone Soda
    • Addressed an issue where the distance to the player’s Tombstone was sometimes not properly updating.


  • Outbreak
    • Added new Outbreak Challenges, including a new Zombies Dark Ops Challenge for Outbreak.
  • Daily Challenges
    • Melee attacks will now correctly contribute to various Daily Challenges.
    • Addressed an issue where eliminations with Pack-a-Punched weapons were not contributing to Daily Challenges.

Combat Record

  • Added Frenzied Guard to the Zombies Field Upgrades tab.
  • Added RAI K-84 to the Zombies Combat Record.
  • Addressed an issue where the Hide and Seek Medal for the Aether Shroud in Zombies was not being tracked.


  • Gunsmith in Zombies will now default to Zombies camos tab when in Zombies lobby.


  • Added Vehicle Customization menu in the Zombies lobby.

Onslaught (PS4/PS5)

  • Apocalypse
    • Apocalypse Onslaught map available on PlayStation at the start of Season Two.
  • Express
    • Addressed an issue where Manglers would not attack players when standing in certain areas.

And from Beenox:

  • Stability
    • Added various crash fixes.
    • Fixed a rare crash when using 3rd-party software overlays while playing full-screen and minimizing/restoring the window.


  • Improved messaging when attempting to load an uninstalled game mode.
  • Gesture Slot 4 is now usable and can be triggered with Numlock.

SOURCE: Treyarch Blog

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