Black Ops Cold War devs respond to Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist issues

Andrew Highton
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The Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist in BOCW has been suffering some map rotation issues which has warranted a response from the devs.

Treyarch’s newest creation, Fireteam Dirty Bomb, sees up to 10 squads fighting across a sprawling map to collect and deposit Uranium. Players must use teamwork to eradicate the enemy, find Dirty Bombs, and detonate them.

It’s a tremendous multiplayer experience that uses elements of Call of Duty’s popular Warzone mode, and the best bits of CoD multiplayer. However, players are experiencing some issues at the moment with the playlist not providing all of the available maps for selection.

The issue has prompted a response from Treyarch who have identified the problem and addressed it.

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BOCW Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist issue

Fireteam Dirty Bomb currently has three maps for competitors to duke it out on, and these are Alpine, Ruka, and the newest addition, Sanatorium.

The game mode was experiencing issues a couple of weeks ago when it was reported that Alpine was no longer in rotation. A fix was issued soon after and it was welcomed back into the playlist for selection.

Now it seems like Alpine is the only map in rotation as the Black Ops Cold War Trello page is now reporting that Ruka and Sanatorium are not being selected.

The Treyarch team has responded to the issue with haste saying, “Update: We’ve identified the issue, are working toward a fix, and have reintroduced Sanatorium 24/7 on January 25, 2020 at 5pm/PT. Players may continue to see Alpine only when searching in FTDB modes with mixed maps.”

So Sanatorium is now officially back in the game, but only as its own exclusive playlist. Whereas Ruka fans are going to have to wait a bit longer until an official fix can successfully add the map back to mixed rotation.

Image credits: Treyarch

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