Best weapons to survive Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z

Liam Mackay

In order to survive hordes of the undead in Black Ops Cold War’s latest map, Firebase Z, you’ll need the best weapons.

While trying to survive in Firebase Z, you’ll need weapons that will help you take on enemies who are both far away and up-close. You want to stay away from new foes, the Mimics and Manglers, as their melee hits are devastating.

You’ll also have Zombies in your face at all times, so will want something that can deal damage up close. If you manage to get your hands on the RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon, however, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

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Here are the best weapons you can use to survive Firebase Z.

Gallo SA12

If you’re looking to take down those pesky Manglers quickly, you can’t go wrong with the Gallo SA12.

You can purchase it off the wall on the way to the Portal in the village, and then upgrade it through the Mannequins and Pack-a-Punch Machine to make it devastating against the undead.

bocw gallo sa12

If you’re looking to do extra damage to Manglers, you should equip the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod. This will literally melt their armor away in only a couple of shots, exposing them to a quick death.

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However, if you have a massive train of Zombies following you, or need to take down the boss Orda, you need something with more range and ammunition.

Stoner 63

LMGs are exceptional for taking down zombies in Black Ops Cold War. With huge magazines, you can wipe out dozens of the undead without ever having to reload.

Pack-a-Punched with the Brain Rot Ammo Mod, you’ll be able to take down several Mimics and still have rounds left for any other foes unfortunate enough to get in your way.

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bocw stoner 63

If you don’t want to take the Stoner 63 into Firebase Z with you, you can purchase a blue variant from the room beside the Revanov’s Office. You’ll need to turn on the power first, though.

You’ll be quite slow while carrying the Stoner, so make sure that you purchase Speed Cola and Stamin-Up to keep yourself mobile while being chased by wave after wave of zombies.

RAI K-84

The RAI K-84 is undoubtedly the best weapon you can use in Firebase Z. It will be able to kill zombies in almost one bullet, and melt Mimics and Manglers like they’re made of paper.

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To get a hold of this Wonder Weapon, you can follow our guide on how to get the RAI K-84 in Firebase Z.

RAI K-84 bocw zombies firebase z

If you use the secondary fire mode for the RAI K-84, you can take out dozens of the undead in a single shot. When the RAI K-84 is Pack-a-Punched three times, fire the grenade into a cluster of zombies, then switch to your regular fire mode and shoot the grenade. It will start to spin, and then will explode, wiping out any zombies nearby.

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You also need the RAI K-84 to complete the Firebase Z Easter Egg, so it’s well-worth carrying.

We would recommend swapping out the Stoner 63 once you get your hands on the RAI K-84.

If you’re struggling for money to upgrade your weapons and buy perks, you can also check out our guide on how to earn more money in Firebase Z.

Image Credit: Treyarch