A strange bug is killing players midair in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

Fireteam is one of the hot new modes added to this year’s Call of Duty game. But a peculiar bug has been discovered that appears to be killing players in midair before they get anywhere near the ground in Black Ops Cold War.

Since CoD experimented with Battle Royale in Black Ops 4, there’s definitely been a tonal shift towards larger modes and maps in Call of Duty games. In recent years we’ve seen Warzone, large-scale Ground War, and this year we have the new Fireteam mode.

Treyarch‘s Dirty Bomb mode sees 10 teams of four competing against each other across a huge map to accumulate uranium, deposit the stuff, and detonate bombs. But in order for players to gather uranium, they actually need to land first – something that is proving difficult for some.

players defending bomb in fireteam in bocw

Mid-air mayhem

Similar to Battle Royale, Fireteam requires the player to drop from the sky and land at a destination of their choosing. Naturally, the sky is occupied by 40 flying soldiers ready to tear each other apart.

However, a video posted by DrKershaw on Reddit has shown that it might be pure luck if you even make it to terra firma. The beginning of the clip seems innocuous enough with our player hurtling towards the earth at great speed…until he’s not.

A death animation occurs and if you watch closely, the outline of another player can briefly be seen in DrKershaw’s avatar before this takes place. A glance over at the killfeed and you see that it goes down as suicide.

Chekc out the video below.

Another user in the comments section mentions that something similar has happened to them numerous times too. It definitely seems like a glitch as this would be a questionable mechanic to include in the mode.

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Given how many players there and how much airspace there is, it makes sense that this issue doesn’t appear to be widespread. But now that there’s some awareness, we will get to see if Treyarch is troubled by this and if it is in fact a glitch at all.