5 things we want to see in Black Ops Cold War Season 4

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cod black ops cold war

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 has been a big step for the Call of Duty title, but here are 5 key improvements we’d love to see implemented in Season 4.

Season 3 of CoD: Cold War has felt like arguably the best one yet thanks to the whole host of extras it’s brought to the game. Standoff has stormed its way into contention as one of the game’s best multiplayer maps to take the overall tally to 17.

Fireteam has been improved with the new battle royale Elimination mode, Outbreak now incredibly contains fishing and the anticipated Easter Egg, plus new weapons like the AMP63, PPSH-41, and Swiss K31 has added depth to the game’s arsenal of weapons.

But things can always be improved, and here are five things we desperately want to see in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4.

5. Brand new maps in CoD: Cold War Season 4

cod cold war standoff map

Needless to say, Black Ops Cold War probably could’ve had more maps at launch instead of spreading them out periodically throughout the game’s release. But now the game is positively thriving with different maps and locations.

The rumor mill suggests that Hijacked is on its way to Season 4, with other possible surprises in store as well. However, given that we’ve already had the likes of Express, Raid, Standoff, etc, we wouldn’t mind seeing a fresh map like the inventive and incredible The Pines.

See where we ranked The Pines in our official ranking of all of Black Ops Cold War’s maps.

4. New game modes & Hardcore modes in Cold War Season 4

cod cold war sticks and stones game mode

One thing that Black Ops Cold War is definitely not short of is a veritable selection of game modes for players to indulge in. Between Standard, Hardcore, and a plethora of other playlist options there are so many options for players.

Season 3 had Sticks and Stones, 12v12, and 3v3 Gunfight. But we’re still looking for more Hardcore variations of existing modes, and another Black Ops favorite, One in the Chamber.

3. Better Spawns in CoD: Cold War Season 4

cod bocw croassroads spawn

We can’t think of a Call of Duty game in recent memory that has had such unusually placed spawns. Several maps such as Crossroads, Armada, and Satellite all possess blatantly exposed spawn areas that leave players susceptible to a litany of consecutive deaths.

We can forgive this kind of thing occurring on a small map like Nuketown ’84, but it really shouldn’t be happening on mid-to-large-sized maps. Season 2 reworked some of the game’s maps, including reducing the size of Moscow and fixing their spawn positions to make them less vulnerable.

But these enjoyment-ruining predicaments are still happening, and players are begging Treyarch for spawn protection.

2. Less bugs & glitches in Cold War Season 4

cod cold war season 2 glitch

We acknowledge this is probably more difficult than it sounds, but fewer bugs would make for a wholesome experience. We’ve commended the efforts of Treyarch dev Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres for trying to assist players as much as he can, but Cold War is still ridden with glitches and issues that never get addressed.

In Season 3 alone, we’ve seen the Air Patrol Scorestreak behaving very unusually and a bizarre disco room in Outbreak Zombies.

1. Improved scoring system in Black Ops Cold War Season 4

bocw chopper gunner scorestreak

It’s no secret that Black Ops Cold War’s scoring system is horribly unbalanced. Regardless of the mode you’re playing, the game actively encourages players to focus on kills, kills, and nothing but kills.

A player that ignores the objective to get a 10 killstreak will greatly benefit far more than someone who’s spent the whole game focusing on capturing flags in Domination and locking down Hardpoints. There’s little incentive to concentrate on objectives and Treyarch absolutely needs to address this.

We believe these are six massive things that would change Black Ops Cold War for the better and make the game even better in Season 4.

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