Best controller settings for Battlefield 2042

Joseph Pascoulis
Best Battlefield 2042 Controller Settings

For those looking to thrive in DICE’s latest FPS with great movement and accuracy, here’s our best Battlefield 2042 controller settings.

Battlefield 2042 has now entered Early Access, with players having the option of playing a week early. But they may find themselves overwhelmed with all the new content, such as the Specialists, new weapons, Portal, and massive maps.

Like any competitive FPS, controller players can gain an advantage by tweaking their settings to feel as comfortable as possible to allow optimal movement and accuracy.

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This guide will help you find the best Battlefield 2042 controller settings to use in the latest installment in the fan-favorite franchise.

Best Battlefield 2042 controller settings

Orbital map in Battlefield 2042

These settings are extremely important for perfecting your accuracy, and although a lot of it is up to preference, you will find these Battlefield 2042 controller settings will be a great place to start.

But before you start tuning your controls, you need to make sure that you have the best Battlefield 2042 PC settings applied, as these will reduce annoying effects such as screen shake.

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Controller Schemes

  • Soldier Controls: Default
  • Soldier Buttons: Alternate
  • Ground Vehicle Driver Controls: Default
  • Ground Vehicle Driver Buttons: Alternate
  • Transport Vehicle Driver Controls: Default
  • Transport Vehicle Driver Buttons: Alternate
  • Air Pilot Controls: Default
  • Air Pilot Buttons: Alternate
  • Gunner Controls: Default
  • Gunner Buttons: Alternate

You may find it much easier to Crouch with the R3/RS, so you can still aim and stay mobile while transitioning to Crouch and Prone, and in this case, you’d run Alternate. If you’re comfortable with B/O to Crouch, you can leave it as Default.

On Foot

Irish specialist character
  • Solider Aim Sensitivity: 30 (your personal preference)
  • Invert Vertical Look for Soldier: Off
  • Field of View: 80
  • Soldier Aim Assist: 95
  • Soldier Aim Assist Zoom Snap: 80


  • Soldier Sprint: Toggle
  • Double Tap Forward to Sprint: Off
  • Sprint Keybind: L3/LS
  • Sprint to Vault Over: Off
  • Always use Traversal Sprint: Off


  • Soldier Weapon Zoom: Hold
  • Zoom Keybind: L2/LT
  • Steady Scope: Hold
  • Steady scope (HOLD) Keybind: L3/LS
  • Soldier Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 90-100


  • Parachute Auto Deploy: Off
  • Air Spawn Parachute Auto Deploy: On
  • Quick Throw Grenades: Off
  • Revive Interaction: Hold
  • Request/skip revive: Hold
  • Reload Hints: On


  • Aiming left/right acceleration: 10
  • Vertical Aim Ratio: 80
  • Uniform Soldier Aiming: On
  • Zoom Transition Sensitivity Smoothing: On

Controller tuning

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone gameplay

Haptic Feedback

  • Controller Vibration: Off

Controller Left Stick

  • Center Deadzone: 5
  • Axial Deadzone: 0
  • Max Input Threshold: 100

Controller Right Stick

  • Center Deadzone: 5
  • Axial Deadzone: 0
  • Max Input Threshold: 100

Controller Triggers

  • LT Deadzone: 0
  • LT Max Input Threshold: 100
  • RT Deadzone: 0
  • TR Max Input Threshold: 100

We found great success with decreasing the Zoom Aim Sensitivity while having a lower deadzone.

However, if your controller suffers from stick drift, you can keep the deadzone on default and increase the zoom aim sensitivity.

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There you have it. These are our best Battlefield 2042 controller settings. If you play on PC and controller isn’t doing it for you, you can check out our best keybinds and settings for mouse and keyboard, too.

For more, check out our article on the new Plus System for changing your attachments in-game.

Image Credits: DICE

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