Best AC-42 Assault Rifle loadout for Battlefield 2042

best battlefield 2042 AC-42

The AC-42 is a great Assualt Rifle choice in Battlefield 2042. With consistent damage and a solid fire rate for a burst weapon, here’s how you can make the most of the best AC-42 loadout.

Although some Battlefield 2042 players have been upset with the map design, claiming they are too large, a lot of the maps have areas that encourage close-range combat. The best thing to do in these situations is to set yourself up with a solid close-range weapon.

Of course, most players will think of an SMG when it comes to close-range gunplay, but in Battlefield 2042, the AC-42 burst AR is a great choice.

Here’s the best loadout for the AC-42 in Battlefield 2042, including the attachments, gadgets, and Specialist to use.

Best Battlefield 2042 AC-42 loadout attachments

Battlefield 2042 AC-42
  • Optic: UHL-1 SMART 1.5x
  • Barrel: Warhawk Compensator
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue
  • Underbarrel: LS-1 Laser Sight

First off, we’re using the UHL-1 SMART 1.5x optic to provide a cleaner sight to shoot from. As the weapon is mostly going to be used from medium to close range, this 1.5x optic is perfect.

Next up we have the Warhawk Compensator. This barrel attachment is actually the only one in the game that doesn’t have a negative aspect. This attachment will help decrease the AC-42’s vertical recoil, making sure you stay on target.

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As for the ammunition, we’ve kept it simple and stuck with the Standard Issue. This is because it has the highest amount of bullets in a magazine. This is essential for the build because you’ll need to have as many bullets as you can in a clip to finish targets off.

Lastly, we’ve gone for the LS-1 Laser Sight. As you’ll be in close-clombat a lot of the time with this loadout, the increase in hip-fire accuracy this attachment adds will help tremendously.

Best Specialist to use with the AC-42 in Battlefield 2042

Webster Mackay using grapple gun in battlefield 2042

There are many Specialists to choose from in Battlefield 2042, but one, in particular, is great for getting up in the enemy’s face and repositioning, which is essential for the AC-42.

We are choosing Webster Mackay. This Specialist doesn’t just have a grappling hook, but also the Nimble passive that allows the player to move more quickly while aiming down sights.

Best Gadget to use with the AC-42 in Battlefield 2042

Ammo Crate in Battlefield 2042

We recommend that players opt for the Ammo Crate gadget for the best AC-42 Battlefield 2042 loadout. As the weapon is essentially a close-ranged burst-rifle, you’ll be spraying bullets and putting enemies down fast.

Sometimes this means you’ll be running out of ammo quickly, and you won’t want to go risk your life looking for a weapon to swap out for. That’s why we feel the Ammo Crate is the best option.

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How to unlock the AC-42 in Battlefield 2042

In order to unlock the AC-42, players must reach Level 40 in Battlefield 2042’s multiplayer.

This is a pretty high level to reach in Battlefield 2042, so you’ll have to grind through ranks to unlock it. Furthermore, in order to unlock all the attachments you’ll have to get kills with the weapon, so get grinding!

There you have it, those are the best attachments and Gadgets to use, as well as the Specialist you should play to make the best Battlefield 2042 AC-42 loadout.

If you’re looking for something with additional range, check out our best set up for the SWS-10 Sniper Rifle.

Image Credits: DICE

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