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Battlefield 2042 players beg devs to bring back vehicle damage feature

Battlefield 2042 players are asking the developers to bring back a useful feature from a previous title.



battlefield 2042 helicopter

Battlefield 2042 players have been looking back at previous titles in the franchise and comparing the gameplay. Players have been calling for certain absent features to return, and the latest concerns vehicle damage.

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t exactly been the best launch for DICE, with players pretty unhappy with the game’s launch state. Some new features have been welcomed, such as the Plus attachment system.

Players have been looking back on previous titles and noticing features that should return. As well as the old leaderboard, players also feel the vehicle damage notification should be in Battlefield 2042.

Tank in Battlefield 2042

Reddit user vladikdx has highlighted a previous feature from Battlefield V that isn’t in 2042 to the community’s attention.

The feature is the vehicle damage indicator, which lets players know how much damage they’ve caused and also how much health the enemy vehicle has.

Battlefield 2042 vs BFV vehicle damage indicator

The indicator is unfortunately not available for players in Battlefield 2042. The only indicator that comes up when damaging a vehicle is “Part Disabled.”

This has caused posts like the one featured, which calls for the developers to return the minor but significant vehicle damage indicator from BFV: “Can DICE return the vehicle hit indicator?”

The image in the post shows the BFV and BF 2042 indicators side by side, showing the new “Part Disabled” vehicle damage indicator. Players in the comments have also noticed the change. One user even says “Which F****** PART.”

The issue seems to be that players aren’t actually sure how much damage or what part of the vehicle has been disabled. If the “movement works, gimbal works, [and] turret works” which part is being damaged by the players?

battlefield 2042 hazard zone

Some users have reported that damaging a Tank and Wildcat will actually disable some of its functions: “It works on the Tank and the Wildcat as far as I can tell (unsure about others). Tanks have tracks (no movespeed), turret (slowed turret movement) and engine (slowed movespeed). Wildcat has turret and engine as far as I can tell.”

However, the feature seems to be bugged with aircraft in the game: “For Aircraft it has to be bugged. I’ll have my rotors red as an helicopter and not notice any performance change at all.”

The new indicators are no doubt more confusing than the previous system, which simply told players the damage numbers.

Perhaps DICE will look into the issue to make some improvements, as they continue to update the game. For more, check out our piece on the minimum and required specs for Battlefield 2042.

Image Credits: DICE