Battlefield 2042 players slam identical weapon attachments

Nathan Warby
Battlefield 2042 weapon attachments

Battlefield 2042 has plenty of attachments for players to work towards, kitting out their weapons with powerful sights and grips. However, fans aren’t happy that many of the attachments for the same weapons function almost exactly the same.

Despite still being in early access, the launch of Battlefield 2042 has come with a number of problems. Players have already hit out at the roster of weapons available upon release, and devs have had to respond to concerns over bullet spread.

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The first official season is still some way off, so DICE has time to get long-time fans back onside. But there’s no doubt that it hasn’t been the smoothest of launches for the shooter sequel.

Now, early access players have called out the customization available for each of the weapons. One Reddit user uploaded screenshots, showing that many of the attachments are almost identical despite being for the same guns.

Battleifield 2042 players using riot shield

Reddit user ultrajvan shared a series of in-game screenshots from the weapon customization menu in Battlefield 2042. The images showed side-by-side comparisons of attachments for the same weapons.

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In them, you can see that unlockables for the same weapons have exactly the same buffs and nerfs, even though they are different attachments.

For example, the 6KU Suppressor and Wrapped Suppressor for the M5A3 both give the same buffs to sound suppression and minimap spotting. They also lowered the effective range of the weapon, but the latter drops the overall firepower by five.

The similarity between attachments like these has left fans wondering why they are so many to unlock when they do little to change how a weapon plays.

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The screenshots sparked an angry reaction from fellow Battlefield 2042 players, who questioned this design choice by DICE.

“It just feels like they’re trolling people. It’s one big joke on all of us,” replied one fan. “Feels like [they were] designed as cosmetic from the get-go, the effects are afterthoughts,” said another.

Others questioned if this was actually a UI glitch that hid the real effects each attachment brings. “I hope the attachment UI is just bugged and shows the wrong values here and will be fixed in the day-one patch.”

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DICE are yet to comment on the concerns raised by players. It’s unclear at the moment if this is a glitch or the way that devs intended attachments to work.

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Image credits: EA / DICE

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