Battlefield 2042 players call for the return of classic revive system

Liam Mackay
Player using defibrillators in battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Beta’s changed up the classic revive system, but disappointed players want to see revives resembling Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 5.

Battlefield 2042 has reinvented the classic formula in many ways, such as the new Specialist system replacing classes, the ability to call in vehicles, and the Plus System allowing players to change attachments mid-game.

One change that the community hasn’t reacted so positively to is the revive system.

Players feel that the 2042’s revive system is a step back and would rather see something similar to Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 5.

Maria Falck in battlefield 2042

For as long as Battlefield has been around, the Medic class has been the healer in the squad. Armed with defibrillators (or something similar), they could quickly bring downed teammates back into the fight.

Battlefield V expanded on this concept, introducing the Squad Revive mechanic and adding an animation to the revive. Battlefield 2042 has taken 5’s system further, but players aren’t happy.

In a post on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, user Blitzzz_ shared a clip of Battlefield 4’s defib revive and called on devs to “Bring back regular defibs!”

Most players complained that Battlefield 2042’s revive system took too long, where your Specialist crouches over the downed ally and only then prepares the defibs. This often leaves the medic in a risky situation and is one of the reasons we said Falck was the least effective Specialist in the Beta.

Another major complaint was that the revive and pick-up weapon buttons were bound to the same key. This could make it near impossible to revive someone, as you’re stuck swapping weapons. But, the devs have confirmed that there will be a fix for this in the full game.

Several players said that Battlefield 4’s system was too easy to abuse and could cause “revive trains,” but felt that Battlefield 5 had it perfect. One user said that “I think it should work like BFV, don’t make revives instant because that way people can just farm revive you.”

Battlefield 2042 Maria Falck Support specialist

Another explained that they “like having 2 gadgets and always able to revive allies,” Another said that Battlefield 5 “promoted genuine teamwork and people revived each other frequently. The interaction was also good.”

DICE s is scheduled to reveal five more Battlefield 2042 Specialists ahead of launch, so there’s a possibility that one of their abilities will bring a more classic revive system. And DICE’s community manager has said that it’s “already improved,” but there are no details on how.

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