Battlefield 2042 players call for Rush to remain a permanent mode

Battlefield 2042 players are expressing how much they have loved the Rush game mode since it was brought into the game, with some even wanting it to stay permanently.

Battlefield 2042 wasn’t exactly the most well-received game when it was released back in November. Unfortunately, players reported many issues with the game, feeling as if it had actually taken a step back from previous releases.

Many have complained about the map design and how long it takes to get to the action and objectives. With the recent introduction of Rush, players have been enjoying the Battlefield 2042 experience much more.

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pp-29 SMG in Battlefield 2042

Rush is a much smaller game mode compared to what Battlefield 2042 usually offers. Smaller teams mean better frame rates for those with less powerful machines and also smaller maps mean players can find others without having to run around for ages.

The mode is only available for a limited time on Battlefield 2042, but due to its success, it has been extended for another week. Although it’s great that players will be able to enjoy it for another week, some feel it should be a permanent game mode, enjoying it much more than the other game modes.

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Reddit user megaquest is one of the players in the community asking for the developers to consider making Rush a permanent game mode for Battlefield 2042.

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In their post, they state that they “don’t want to go back to the 128p modes,” and even plead the devs to make the mode permanent: “please DICE make it permanent or even better, add it to All out Warfare!”

Further, they aren’t the only players who feel Rush has been a breath of fresh air, as user iBanditss2 put a similar post up with the caption: “2042 Rush is fun as hell.”

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In their post, they also state how much fun Rush has been compared to the other larger modes, focussing on the performance side of things: “Higher framerate on rush also makes the game 15x more enjoyable because Battlefield movement and aiming is smooth and not having good framerate genuinely sucks the enjoyment out of the movement system.”

These two posts have both received over 700 upvotes on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, which is no doubt an indication that Rush has been a success and that the devs should be thinking about adding it permanently, especially after all the backlash and controversy over the game’s poor launch state.

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We’ll have to wait and see how the devs respond to this feedback from the community. For now, make sure you hop on and enjoy Rush as much as possible before it is removed.

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Image Credits: DICE