Battlefield 2042 devs promise to fix “walking simulator” maps & more

Luca Di Marzo
kaleidoscope map Battlefield 2042

In an attempt to improve the overall quality of Battlefield 2042 maps, DICE have announced plans to tweak certain elements of existing maps in the game.

After a poor launch reception and a negative response to the delay of Season 1, Battlefield 2042 players started a petition to get refunds for the game.

Despite the backlash, DICE are committed to fixing Battlefield 2042 and the devs announced a plan to tweak map design in an attempt to improve the overall quality of the game. The 3.3 update is expected to arrive during the week of March 7 and these map fixes are the next step on the road to redemption.

Discarded map Battlefield 2042

In a recent blog post, the devs outlined their plans for Battlefield 2042’s next major upgrade. Their plan is to use player feedback to tweak and improve map design. Battlefield 2042 maps have been an area of contention for players as most maps feel like a “Walking Simulator” due to the traversal time.

DICE mention traversal as one of the five main map design qualities that they will be looking to enhance. Here’s a list of the five map elements alongside a brief description of the expected fixes from the blog post:

  1. Traversal: Decrease time to combat by reducing the overall travel time between Flag and Base Spawn on some maps by moving both the Base Spawn, and closest Flags.
  2. Intensity: Identify whether Breakthrough should consist of 128 players or 64 players as well as test if a reduction of the total number of vehicles could result in less chaotic gameplay.
  3. Line of sight: Ensure there are more opportunities to hide from enemy line of sight while traversing from objective to objective, which would reduce the focus on long-range combat.
  4. Paths: To make clearer and more defined paths while traveling between objectives in order to keep combat focused, and to make it easier to understand how to get from one objective to the next.
  5. Cover: Ensure sufficient cover for when you are traveling between the objectives. 

They also mention that while they’re dedicated to providing these fixes, players should not expect them to appear in-game all at once. Instead, a methodical rollout of map fixes is to be expected. This will begin with improvements to Kaleidoscope on both Conquest, and Breakthrough.

The blog post also heavily emphasizes the desire to receive and implement community feedback. They want players to have an active role in identifying areas of necessary map improvement.

If you feel as though you could contribute to improving Battlefield 2042, don’t hesitate to reach out via the official Battlefield forums as well as Social Media.

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Image Credit: DICE

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