Battlefield 2021 teasers appearing in BF4, BF1, BFV ahead of reveal

Joseph Pascoulis
Battlefield 2021 teasers

With all the hype surrounding the new upcoming Battlefield game, players have noticed some interesting changes to some of the previous titles consisting of Battlefield 2021 teasers.

We’re not far from the official reveal trailer for the upcoming Battlefield game, with the developers even posting the official premier up on YouTube for fans to get hyped.

Although there have been multiple leaks and rumors, we will be getting an official look at the game on June 9, but it seems players are experiencing some new Battlefield 2021 teasers on the previous Battlefield games.

Battlefield 2021 teasers

Battlefield’s upcoming title, rumored to be called “Battlefield 2042,” has been generating a lot of hype and support over the last few weeks.

As well as supposed leaked images, fans were also excited to hear the previous Call of Duty General Manger would be joining the Battlefield team in the same role, showing EA’s grand intentions for the franchise.

This excitement has skyrocketed to even greater levels on June 7, as the community has begun to notice cryptic teasers appearing in previous entries in the franchise and areas associated with them over the past few hours.

Battlefield 2021 teasers

Over on Reddit, some players posted these teasers found on Battlefield 1, Battlefield V, and Battlefield 4.

It seems EA has updated the steam pages for BF1 and BFV to feature the same glitchy aesthetic that was seen on their teaser date video that was released on Twitter.

Perhaps the glitched text in the steam descriptions is part of a wider easter egg or code, much the like images that were sent to many content creators just last week.

Further, another Reddit post revealed that even Battlefield 4 contained a teaser when loading up the game, as past the main menu, the same glitchy, cryptic theme can be found, which definitely seems to be hiding something.

This will no doubt leave those players who find these teasers excited for “Battlefield 2042,” with one Reddit user stating in the comments: “I literally could not be more excited. It’s been soooo long since any new BF content, and all this teasing is giving me major BF3 nostalgia.”

Whatever it is, it has us excited for what Battlefield has in store for the future. Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for more on Battlefield, and check out our recent article on Dr Disrespect’s excitement for Battlefield 2021.

Image Credits: EA / MartianGeneral

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