Lucky Baldur’s Gate 3 player receives Act 2 perma-buff from Toll Collector

Emily Stander
Gerringothe Thorm in Baldur's Gate 3

Losing the fight against the Toll Collector in Baldur’s Gate 3 could not only mean the death of your party, but you could turn into gold. Although you get some pretty strong buffs from being turned into gold, it’s obviously not the best outcome. 

The Thorm family in Baldur’s Gate 3 includes some of the creepiest characters you will come across, and all of them can be located in Act 2. 

The Toll Collector, or Gerringothe Thorm, is one of them. She is found in the Tollhouse just to the left of the bridge that takes you to Moonrise Towers, and when you first meet her, she is impassioned with her need for gold. 

While you can convince all the Thorm family members (excluding Ketheric) not to fight you, some players decide to do so anyway. One player did so in their Honour Mode playthrough, and unfortunately, most of their party died and were turned to gold. 

They managed to win the fight in the end. But, strangely, after they resurrected the rest of the party, they had kept their buffs from being turned to gold. 

“I noticed that the three that got turned into gold kept all the resistances from that status pretty [much] the rest of Act 2. This kept after a ton of long rests,” ‘Jamesbondbadil’ shared on Reddit. 

The OP also mentioned that they didn’t die and weren’t sure if that had anything to do with the buffs continuing to be active, despite the party not being golden anymore. In Act 3, the buffs finally ended, albeit randomly. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 players in the comments seemed to think that this was some kind of bug, especially because similar things have happened to them before. 

“Meanwhile I lost the ‘permanent’ bonus from Auntie Ethel’s hair the first time I fast-travelled,” one fan explained, which caused some frustration because this was actually a buff they were meant to keep. 

Other players also thought that what the OP experienced would be a cool thing to add to the game officially. 

“This is one of those bugs that I hope becomes a feature, though maybe in a toned-down fashion,” one player commented. “Having a lasting effect on your character from getting turned to gold would actually be a really cool thing.”

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